A dog who is keeping an everyday life with one person actually feels a strong stress on loneliness

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While the owner is going to work, there seems to be many dogs keeping an answering machine with only one, but it was revealed that the dogs are feeling strong stress while there is no owner.

In the doghouse: Owners leave 1.5 million pooches to fend for themselves at home | Mail Online

Pain caused by such separation is known to remain trauma (psychic trauma) if a dog tastes as a child. According to a study observing 20 dogs by installing a camera in the owner's house who thinks that their dogs are happy, many dogs run around the door mat and raise groans and cries The state was observed, one of which seems to have been found to have been injured in the mind to consult an animal psychologist.

According to John Bradshaw, who studies animal relations at the University of Briston, his dog also saw an action to chew beds and furniture while the owner was away. Although it is a very rare case, some of the dogs range from such mental suffering to self-harming behavior, and furthermore, as a result of such compensatory action, acts when the master returns home It seems that it is thought that further discovering the trace and hitting the dog makes the damage even more serious.

Bradshaw says, "They are not good at thinking about things back in time, it is hard to notice that a mischief you made an hour ago is now causing a beating of your owner," Despite mentioning the cause, it is still said that a dog can make people understand more than any other animal including chimpanzee.

According to Mr. Bradshaw, the dog has the ability to grieve, he likes them, he can also distinguish people who care most from the family. That's why it is important for dogs left in the house to have adequate care and to praise the dog who was doing an answering when returning home.

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