Headline news on June 24, 2011

Project on which YouTube supports next-generation video creators "YouTube NextUp program"Was started. This is a selection of 10 winners who participate in the program among the YouTube official content partners active in Japan based on the contest, paying 2 million yen of support for content creation support, and work such as technical training Provide opportunities to participate in the shop.

It is necessary for the content to be "innovative" content, as it is the application conditions to maximize the applicant's technology and the idea that you want to realize on YouTube with the video within 3 minutes. Entrants are required to spread their imagination, such as talk shows and short films that have never been seen before.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

This interviewed Kaoru Matsuda of electoral planner, unknown actual condition of Japanese "election" - GIGAZINE

A bird's feather with a value of about 500,000 yen and updated the highest price of the auction - GIGAZINE

"Wendies" reviving or consider re-entry into the Japanese market - GIGAZINE

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When it comes to HD remaster ...?

Waranote: If you use 2 chan words during the trial

1 Name: Below, VIP will be sent to you as a nameless person: 2011/06/24 (Friday) 05: 51: 09.30 ID: 07dYj7tj0
Judge chair "chō w w w motive of accused person Warota wwwwwww"

2 Name: Below, we will send VIP to you as a nameless: 2011/06/24 (Fri) 05: 54: 46.20 ID: CX7WI42Z0
Prosecution's side "Death row Kibonu"

3 Name: Below, VIP will send you a nameless change: 2011/06/24 (Friday) 05: 57: 20.86 ID: vA84Zn9YO
The audience "Imabari Industries"

I am a lecturer in a debate but have questions? - Blunt rate

Togetter - "A spectacular love for glasses like clusters"

As for the topic of searching for a terrible word in the tea kingdom: 【2ch】 New speed VIP blog (`· ω · ')

I am tired of the club event

Wondering how to deal with Sadako wwwwwwwwwwwwww: ぁ ゃ ι ぃ (* ゜ ー °) NEWS 2nd

Golden time viewership all-digit young man "TV does not look except NHK! (Kiritsu: Wataratanikki

391 Name: Anonymous Mr. @ Namida eyes. (Kansai · Hokuriku) [] Posted on: 06/24 (Fri) 02: 45: 43.33 ID: upE0R2GWO
There is also the rise of the net,
Motivation to access as television media ceased. I think this is a major factor.
For children, animation was the motivation to watch TV.
Variety was something to be seen in the end,
We expanded variety of viewerships, cut animation with a low audience rating,
I wiped out animation from the golden time.
It is self-explanatory that children do not have a habit of watching television.
Motivation for viewers' watching TV = recognizing that programs with a good viewer rating
Otherwise, I can not stop watching TV.

550 Name: Anonymous says @ Namida eyes. (Aichi) [] Posted on: June 26, 2011 (Fri) 04: 15: 24.44 ID: RzOvApEP 0
>> 391
I guess it is around the end of the 90's or early 2000, although it is ambiguous, I had such an opinion already
At that time I think that it was around the time that I shifted the main spindle for the housewives who are disgusted and bashful for children
Looking at only short-term gold and abandoning future raising of viewers Afterwards that they will come
And as I expected, the custom of watching television in young people disappeared

Grandma "Five yen chocolate, it's delicious": 【SS treasure house】 Everyone's killing time (No ^^) Eight (^^) ノ

Volunteer who hands out TENGA at evacuation center is treated like god wwwwwww │ Kini's quick breaking news

VIPPER me: What happens if I get into the emperor's mouth?

Girls pulls down pants Photo book "Ashin" released

It hurts pain, f l y a w a y!: Ikasumi bulletin

1 Name: Below, we will send VIP Kawarimashi the nameless [] 2011/06/23 (Thu) 10: 51: 31.16 ID: QKgZHBxy0
Is that so?
F e l l d o w n!

4 Name: Below, we will send VIP Kawarimashi the nameless [sage] 2011/06/23 (Thur) 10: 53: 46.09 ID: L3IJ29JHP
Let's raise it, to do it,
Up! Up! Up!

6 Name: Below, VIP will send you a nameless [] 2011/06/23 (Thur) 10: 54: 10.5 ID: QKgZHBxy0
Behind the scenes of the back
W h o o r e y o u?

Sideburns Chasmu: the official name of the dizzying stuff too cool wowrota wwwwwwwwwww - livedoor blog

[With image] Although it is a fashion show, it is not this as expected ...: Untitled document

Ghibli title combination 1st 2nd birthday champion champion: champion

A bicycle of Asahi Cycle Co., Ltd. is a two-sick daughter clerk "A sickle of the death god who changes the world with a single swing, Avanturiga Size" Cana speed
The sense of catch phrase is perfectMens knuckle

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Spare time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News: 【Space Yabai】 Discover a planet that continues to release 100 million times more water than the Amazon River per second at Mach 558 - Livedoor blog

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Kobe Newspaper | Society | Requesting purchase of Awa line via 3 ways along Kobe Electric Railway

About Kobe Electric Railway's Awa Line, Kobe Electric Railway's Awa Line will continue, the company's President Kaneharu Harada said to Ono City a total of 6.8 billion yen along three railway stations, with a total of 6.8 billion yen at Kushiya Station (Nishi ku Kobe City) - Aisho Station (Ono City) section 18 It showed that he got a kilometer land and railway facility to purchase and suggested a scheme to make it a vertical separation system. Shinko side is near, Kobe city, Miki city is also requested.
In the data submitted by Shinketsen to Ono City, about 1.3 billion yen for the land in the same section and about 5.5 billion yen for the railway facility, it is said that Miki City 4 billion yen, Ono City 2.6 billion yen, Kobe City 200 million yen by city. They asked 3 cities for free loan to Shinko and asked for burdens such as repairing facilities.
Meanwhile, even if we adopt the vertical separation method as Kamitetsu draft plan, we also presented a strict estimate that in fiscal 2012 we will have a deficit of about 750 million yen and in fiscal year 2009 will be 930 million yen.

South Korea, due to revision of the copyright law, the protection period extends from 50 years to 70 years after the death of the copyright holder | Current awareness portal

Lifted person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News: 【Quick News】 Kumagai 39.1 ℃ - Livedoor blog

Arriving a man who got 4P with three female junior high school students at 15,000 yen On another day 5 thousand yen and two girls middle school students and 3 P: Untitled document

The ultimate eco! Saitama's 80-year-old male developed a device to generate electricity with gravity and buoyancy + (1/2 page) - MSN Sankei News

In the midst of the Great East Japan Earthquake the change of energy policy is being screamed, Ichiro Akutsu (80), a company executive in Urawa Ward, Saitama City, invented a device that generates electricity using only gravity and buoyant force. It drops ping-pong ball with built-in pachinko ball from high position and turns gear to generate electricity, circulates the ball again by buoyancy in pipe containing water, and got a patent in October, Heisei 20 . If it is put to practical use, it seems to attract attention as "ultimate natural energy" which is not influenced by weather and time.

The trap of majority and reason why the net can not overcome television in politics - Hatsukatsujima diary

Monju Collects dropped equipment NHK News

Last month, the operation was resumed for the first time in 14 years, in the fast breeder reactor "Monju" in Tsuruga City, Fukui Prefecture, equipment with a weight of 3 tons dropped into the nuclear reactor and could not be pulled out, but on Monday the 24th It was collected around 5 o'clock for the first time in ten months. It seems that it will take some time before the operation resumes, as it is necessary to check the influence of the damage inside the nuclear reactor in the future.

Mayor of Shizuoka "Publish the names of those who actively drink Shizuoka tea on the Internet"

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VIPPER me: a moment feels small as "I became an adult ..."
"When you notice the goodness of Japanese food" "Dinner curry is not happy to that extent" "Responsibility and obligation feeling overrides emotions" "When I was a child, wktk I felt in the summer has decreased" etc. People who are aware of having become a part of the osan, such as "The knees hurt on rainy days" and "My muscular pain does not get cured for four days".

A gentle person looking at a gentle person and easy to lose | Life Hack Channel 2

Southeast Asia I am a high school student who has traveled alone, but have questions? - Blunt rate

Bullied, this half life: cooked soldier was VIPPER

Why can not I get a job? Working Mono News: Life VIP craftsman blog www

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What are the phrases peculiar to 2ch that you laugh unexpectedly? Cana speed

【NewsBrief】 Inside of hacker group "Anonymous" - WSJ Japan version - www.WSJ.com

Pixiv and Kaikai Kiki jointly run, new gallery "pixiv Zingaro" opened this summer -art-design News: CINRA.NET

The new gallery this time will open as an evolutionary form for the purpose of making presentations and encounters for writers using pixiv. In addition to exhibiting works of various genres including paintings, three-dimensional, photography, fashion, ceramics etc, exhibitions and group exhibitions centered on young artists who are expected to be active in the future, exhibitions of the type recruiting participants in pixiv We will actively hold events such as spot sale and exchange meetings.

Foundation of HTML 5: 1st First Step

Summary: While current business methods have undergone tremendous changes to utilize the Web and the cloud, HTML 5 reflects this change. Spotlight on changes in HTML 5 In the first article in this 4th series, we will start with a new tag and page organization. After that we will continue to talk about advanced topics such as designing Web pages, creating forms, using and using API, and creative possibilities that canvas bring.

A student who seems to be a student at the Keio Line with a serious face to a person who seems like a friend "Ruby is a minor language stop! Let's make it a PHP! Let's make it PHP! Does Fujitsu or a big player like Unisys use Ruby !? That's it! That's it! I pretended to be hot! "

New female ratio of iPhone is 53% "Culture if women become majority" and grandchild president - ITmedia Professional mobile

In addition, President Son also said that iPhone users over the age of 50 are increasing. I appealed that the iPhone's user interface has also been accepted by senior citizens.

Backside of large-scale Web service that came back: 1st discovery and coping with burst traffic | gihyo.jp ... technical commentary

It is a network of mixi where a lot of traffic flows every day, but various problems will also come out as it grows. In this issue we introduce problem cases caused by burst traffic which is hard to notice if we operate normally in those problems.

Google suspects violation of antitrust law - US Fair Trade Commission to full-scale investigation - WirelessWire News (Wireless Wire News)

In the background of this survey, Google, which holds two-thirds of the search market share in the United States, is unfairly preferential treatment of its services and advertisements in search results and search-linked advertisements There are voices of dissatisfaction from the person.

Ume, Ozawa Takahiro Ichiro Ukihiko × Fujii Aya: Talking about manga interface in electronic books (Part 1) (1/3) - Full of e-book information! EBook USER

"If you are seriously conscious of e-books, you need to be prepared to abolish the spreading facility"

"WIRED" Former editor-in chief "Net New Trends Six Keywords" «WIRED.jp
Screen · Interactive · Share (shared) · Flow (flow) · Access · Generate six.

Will smart TV become an L-mode dance - Nikkei Electronics - Tech-On!

Apple's iCloud Music Match is a honeypot? - Slashdot Japan

This service is based on the premise that the user's file is scanned. It is probably thought that reading the header information of the MP3 file and executing a hash calculation of the whole contents. Even if it is a DRM-free music file, the downloaded music file is stamped with a "watermark" of the header including purchase information and purchaser information, and based on this, iCloud Music Match The original article presents speculation that it is a magnificent honeypot that judges legitimate files and illegal files and pirates are blown out.

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Rockstar announces PC version of "L. A. Noire", home version shipping 4 million books - Game * Spark

4Gamer.net - "Power Smash 4", an overview of "Party Mode" is revealed. Match-style mini-games also appeared and it is sure to get excited more and more (Power Smash 4)

"Anyone can make game" GameSalad of game engine, HTML5 compatible / GameBusiness.jp

Comic Nathalie - Akira Miyashita "Private Elementary High School 2011" Resurrected by the legendary heavy work Golak

Chika Uchino original picture exhibition ~ Honey and Lion ~ Concluding decision !!
From August 6 (Saturday) to 18 August (Thursday), Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store Annual building 2 st floor western gallery, original painting exhibition, part of the idea book of Professor Hanno, sales of original goods etc.

Although the new Kamen Rider "Masked Rider Fourze" is overdone. What are you going to do with this? : Otaku. Com

Yamakan stops serializing the fractal comicalization with pressure

Wordspread · expression expressed in Nishio Ishinaka's work "Ho": sister VIPPER

【Rotting Women's Joyful】 NHK comprehensive "Asahichi" boys love (BL): morning from:

Near-Truette album release decision | SQUARE ENIX

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Kobe newspaper | Society | Sonoda Horse racing held a night rider Survey crisis with deficit

Yoshitaka Yonezawa Secretary General Yasutaka Yonezawa said that while the balance of payments for fiscal 2010 has fallen into the deficit and the abolition of the horse racing business has increased in reality, the secretary general of Yasuhiro Yonezawa said, "Nighters are the last trump card, it is difficult to survive unless implemented." Although we aim to hold from 2012, there are opinions from neighboring residents such as "concerned about children returning to cram school" and "what is really effective there?".

Nathalie - The legendary event resurrection! Sunny Day, travelers, table tennis, sand ball appearances

[Baseball] The special project of Orix "The team of Osaka Natsu" is straying: Gaha Roku News ヽ (· ω ·) / Zucol

'Credit deletion', 'Original girls' authors exceptional complaints on the drama side - Saizo Women

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