"Sengoku BASARA screaming Night IN Ikebukuro" to hit hot shouts crying

There is a thing called "do not talk" as a manner in the movie theater, but sometimes I want to laugh and shout loudly. From June, "Theatrical Edition Sengoku Basara - The Last Party -Although it is open to the public, "hot screaming Night" is to be carried out because there was a hot request from the fans.

"Theatrical version Sengoku BASARA - The Last Party -" Official blog | "Screaming Night IN Ikebukuro" to be held! [There is a posting! 】

This "screaming Night" is an event that you can cheer nonsense with your favorite scenes, shouting "Oyakata-sama !!" with Yukimura, and responding loudly to Masamune's "Are you ready?" I can do it. Also, bringing psyllium is OK. However, the use of sounds such as firearms and crackers, nuisances such as jumping and splashing and rampaging are forbidden.

The event is Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro, and it is said that the times of 20:20 on June 26 will fall. The ticket sale will be on the net from 0 o'clock on the 24th and from the 9:15 on the 24th at the theater window.

Before,"Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 1stOkay.Very rich screaming screeningIt seems to have been done, so this time the movie theater may be outrageous ....

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