Devices that enable infrared communication on iPhone and iPod touch will be released soon


Although it is an infrared communication function installed in many domestic feature phones and smart phones because it can be used for exchanging e-mail addresses and delivering a bit of files, the same function is not popular overseas, naturally also on the iPhone It is not installed.

However, it became clear that the device that can install the infrared communication function on the iPhone will be released soon.

Arts Intelligence Inc.

According to the official page of the newly established Arts Intelligence company, the company is currently developing a new device for iPhone and iPod touch using infrared.

This device realizes communication between mobile phones by infrared, which is widely used in Japan, on iPhone and iPod touch, making it possible to exchange information by a method familiar to users, such as iPhone / iPod touch It is made up of infrared communication hardware and software for aiming to be released soon.

Mr. Hotta, the company's representative, said that in the comments on releasing this device, it is analogous to infrared communication as "invisible red thread" and wishes that user interaction will be wider and deeper.

I am hoping that many people will be able to make friends and connections with people and people more widely and deeply by infrared communication close to the feeling of being "connected by invisible red thread" transmitted from ancient Japan.

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