Headline news on June 22, 2011

Sanwa Supply adopts a cooling effect slitted aluminum plate,Laptop knee placement platform "100-CR006" which is not hot even when put on the kneeWe announced to release. The price is 2980 yen.

For those who sit on a sofa or a bed and use a laptop computer because it is easy to carry and has a hole as a handle on the top of the main unit, it is quite useful for people who often get in trouble when putting on a lap It is likely to be an item.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

18 year old beautiful sister, winning the contest that decides the twins most like in the UK - GIGAZINE

A way to say strongly as "weak" even to weak people - GIGAZINE

When cell phones and music players etc are made like the design of thirty years ago it becomes like this - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)
McDonald's drink L size Deca too Warota: 2ch Copipe preservation dojo

Painful news (No ∀ `): South Korea harassed in Japan at sweets world convention - Livedoor blog

【Oita】 Incident occurred in which a grandmother comes by car to return a license: Untitled document

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Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Stradivarius Usu 1.2 billion yen to sell off earnings to disaster area support - culture

Current affairs dot com: "Let's live for 100 days" = dissatisfaction with apology apology next term president etc. - Governor Fukushima

Current affairs dot com: 32 kilometers after visiting Dad = 7 years old boy, driving at 80 kilometers per hour - rice

Tokyo Newspaper: Internet cafe private room is not good! It is! National Police Agency "On the Hotbed of Child Prostitution": Society (TOKYO Web)

There are many cases in which a salaried worker who missed the last train uses Internet cafe instead of inn, or a person who does not have a fixed residence uses it as a temporary residence. A company executive who runs an Internet cafe chain store in Tokyo said, "90% of the seats are private rooms.If you miss a single room, late night business, or even one of eating and drinking, you will not be able to respond to customers' needs, . However, the National Police Agency stated that "There was a case in which the private room of the Internet cafe was actually misused by child prostitution or an investigation of an obscene incident". Osaka prefectural police continued with April and May, caught shops in Osaka City, which did not follow the guidance, on suspicion of violating the same law.

Togetter - "Summary of the actual situation of the in-hospital assembly meeting" "Simple possession restriction", "Manga, animation regulation" promotion hospital assembly by revising the childhood law


An in-hospital assembly promoting this "an urgent meeting for the amendment of the Child Prostitution Child Pornography Prohibition Law!" Was held on the first floor of the First Legislative Hall of the House of Representatives on June 21.

It is a summary of the actual situation.

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Half-traffic reduction by termination of high-speed free operation - Return to the level before the experiment - Society

A new indigenous civilization civilized society and no contact with Amazon Brazil, confirmed village - MSN Sankei News

The Brazilian National Aboriginal Foundation announced on January 21 that it confirmed the village from the sky that about 200 indigenous people who have never contacted civilized society will live in the Amazon rainforest in the northwest Amazonas State near the Peru border.

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): US newspaper bigger, 700 people dismissed to reduce income, aim for recovery of profits - international

It seems that TEPCO, something possessed, is applying for debts to financial institutions randomly

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Panda is a popular Ehime / Ainan park even if you are afraid of eye - society

The bench of the panda which is placed in "South (Nan) Rei Maazase (Park) Park" in Ai Minami-cho, Ehime Prefecture is calling the popularity of tourists as "not cute" "scary eye".

85% shipment of the best tea in the prefecture, suspension of rough tea in 3 municipalities over standards, losses more than 250 million yen / Kanagawa: Local news: News: Canaroco - Kanagawa Shimbun

US military, precious lessons in response to nuclear crisis in Japan - WSJ Japan version - www.WSJ.com

Japan became an unlikely experiment site for the United States to study modern warfare. This is because nuclear accidents caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred on March 11 this year caused a situation where the terror group could face the case of exploding Dirty Bomb (nuclear pollution bomb).

In a background explanation for Amos US Marine Corps General Commander who visited Okinawa last week, a Marine Corps official in Japan studied the response of the US military to the worst war scenario for "Tomodachi Operation" invoked with disaster support It showed that it was beneficial to do.

IAEA to establish nuclear accident "Level 8" as well, consultation to review the scale: Nikkei newspaper

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Arizona's New Mining of Uranium, Considering the Government's Prohibition for 20 Years - International

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Distribution of dosimeters to children, one year measurement Fukushima / Kawamata-cho - Society

【Unemployed preliminary report】 Toyota wants to recruit nearly 4000 people for periodic work, hiring nearly 400,000 Welcome to the night of war! It is!

"Chernobyl changed women" - heuristic ways

"Clinical trial heaven" Indian Darkness | World | Latest Articles | Newsweek Japan Official Site

In India, where a large number of 1.2 billion people are unable to receive satisfactory medical practices, more people will entrust their hopes to clinical trials that can try new drugs under development free of charge. Now India has become one of the world's leading clinical trial powers, but as the clinical trial market grows to 400 million dollars, the negative side that legitimate "human experiments" bring to Indian health is emerging.

This is the meal of Ishinomaki City Yuukatsu Junior High School. | PBR
It seems that this state will last for about a year.

"Unknown fog occurs" Pigs and chickens are mass death, one thousand people evacuate - Henan 2011/06/21 (Tue) 15: 34: 59 [Searchina]

Fukushima citizen 'If you live in skipjack in Fukushima you do not buy with rumor ...' "So enter the other prefectures!"

【2ch】 New speed quality: Unusual residents that a lot of hot springs springs up in Fukushima ... ... for the time being or not ('· ω · `)

【Democratic Party of Japan] "The supercomputer has returned to the world first place is the hand of lotus" - ('A `) <

15: Nameless san @ Namida eyes. (Nagaya): 2011/06/21 (Tue) 13: 24: 24.47 ID: hPOczX + c0
It is sorted out and it is second place → I won a great victory with my purpose
I can not sort it and it will be second place → I have proven that they were right and win a big victory
I can not sort and become first place → It is the outcome that ours inspire and a big victory

Championship undefeated

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Subcontractor of Nuclear Recovery Work, Actual State Reporting Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare - Society

At the same nuclear power plant, 69 workers were unknown, it became impossible to measure the radiation exposure (hibaku), and a sloppy control system was revealed, and judging that it can not secure workers' safety if left untreated.

Hisao Inoue's "One Perspective" (3): Quality Improvement is Toyota's "Opposite Teacher" - "Management Corresponding to Corporate Culture" Hyundai Motor (1/3) - @ IT MONOist

How will the American military diplomacy change with the change of Defense Secretary? | Princeton's New Trends America | Columns & Blogs | Newsweek Japan Official Site

The conversion from the Rumsfeld route to the Gates route means, in concrete terms, two changes. One is to change the strategic design of intelligence and strategy. The Rumsfeld route has a style that collects information by relying on advanced high-tech and improves efficiency of people and equipment to send to the front line. However, the CIA launched Gates, who emphasizes human information sources (information from spies and front lines) sent to the site rather than electronic intelligence caused by advanced high-tech eavesdropping activities, is in a style of fighting faithful to the basic I am back.

Power saving companies discount electricity charges ... Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry reform plan: economic news: money · economy: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Now that the assets are gathered to the elderly, what I thought vaguely - the cajolen blog

Although it is a topic that I mentioned a bit on Twitter.

Although it is a graph that introduced some of them, currently 60% of the 1,500 trillion yen financial assets in Japan have 60%.

Since 50s owns 22.4%, financial assets held by over 50s will be 82.4%. On the other hand, the pathetic 20s is only 0.3%.

Bipartisan Assembly General Assembly, Casino as a Revival Eyeball - MSN Sankei News

On November 21, the bipartisan bipartisan "Federation of Tourism Industry Promotion Federation of Casio (Casino Federation)" aiming to legalize casino in Japan opened the first general meeting after the Great East Japan Earthquake, casino legalization summarized by Mr. Koga I decided to go into a bill making work based on my proposal.

Population that is rapidly increasing in urban Asia, "7 billion people world population" of attention international news: AFPBB News

【Must-See · Character Occurrence】 Representative's Memorial Accrual, Kashiwazaki Municipal Financial Anomaly Understanding in the Graph Kashiwazaki Municipal Financial Unusual Actual Condition "Borrowing Increase After Entry of the Nuclear Plant, Running Firms, Discovering Faults, Discovering the Bourbon Manufacturer Display": Kamenami and Kirei!
It seems that Bourbon head office is erasing its notation because it is in Kashiwazaki city, Niigata Prefecture.

US Diplomatic Public Electricity · WikiLeaks Public "Northern Territories" 10 Years Unsuccessful in Japan + (1/2 Pages) - MSN Sankei News

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Sexy Izakaya manager arrested girls' naked photos sent suspicion - Society

The suspects said that they admitted charges that they used the position because of the urge to see the girl's breasts not doing it.

NHK News on Safety Agreement at Kyoto Prefecture Nuclear Power Plant

We have a safety agreement with the municipality where the nuclear power plant is located, but there are no cases of concluding a security agreement with the adjacent prefecture. Kyoto prefecture said, "I thought that we needed a step forward in order to protect the safety of citizens, we would like the electric power company to thoroughly examine and expect a positive reply."

Kyushu, pachinko parlor stops turning round Weekday 2nd 15% Power saving - 47NEWS (Yoana News)

Nanjing incident learned with a husband doing - Model, character, valve and history

Government "The pension is insufficient ... So, I will divert Fukushima's reconstruction finance!" This is an old-age country

Why Ramen's Hidaka store next to McDonald's and Yoshinoya? Ultimate Koban shark strategy to use strong enemies for attracting customers | Management theory learned from newspaper articles | Diamond Online

Hidaka store (company name: Heidi Hidaka, Tokyo Stock Exchange) was the current president Mr. Tadashi Kanda opened a ramen shop in Saitama prefecture in 1973, entered Tokyo in 1993, and in 1999 Publish shares. It is rapidly growing by now that it has about 270 stores mainly in the metropolitan area.

Our proprietary store opening strategy has supported the growth of this Hidaka store. The store opening strategy is to bring out a shop near McDonald's of hamburgers and Yoshinoya of beef bowl, which had been developing many stores ahead of time. McDonald's has been a top-ranking hamburger chain for many years, and Yoshinoya has declined momentum recently, but once existed in the top of the beef bowl chain. It seems that it is challenging reckless fighting that Hidaka store consciously places a store near such two companies.

However, the strategy backed up by Mr. Kanda 's exceptional insight and years of experience is hidden there.

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Painful news (No ∀ `): Women 'Question to Men: What do you think of women's nail art? - Livedoor blog

Employment problem of young people with glacial freeters getting confused in their 40s | inside | Diamond Online

Tell me easy recipes that make me want to cook: my sister VIPPER

The second son of Gashimi who was brainwashed by male and female base thinking at a sports club circle | Child care Early bulletin

Hook to improve insomnia - Ockham's Razor for Engineers
"Take advantage of drinks" "take a bath or shower before going to bed" "do a stretch that can be done with bedding (moderately)" "darken the lighting a couple of hours before going to sleep" "unintentionally while meditating on bed "I often fall asleep" "Read many books irrelevant to work from usual".

【2ch】 New speed quality: Shall I tell you how to see Menha woman?

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
In memory of Motoazabu Haruo | Facebook

Motozabu was talking about trolling at the newsletter, but in fact while on the way from Roppongi station to Hills due to Lenovo's press briefing, I happened to encounter an IT media reporter and walked suddenly stopped and stopped in front He said that he fell down and stayed as it was.

Weekly PC HotlineIt was a famous reporter known for such as

Windows Phone "Mango" (1/2) - ITmedia + D mobile to change the power figure to the third pole of the smartphone
About the Windows Phone 7 scheduled to be released even from the autumn of this year, I analyzed how serious the Microsoft of old-fashioned Microsoft who has smartphones outdated.

NEWS post seven | The most frequent illegal dumping of analog television just before digitization in Osaka prefecture

If the complete transition of terrestrial digital broadcasting takes place on July 24th, analog television will be an unnecessary long item. Osaka prefecture is the largest illegal dumping in the whole country. According to the Osaka Municipal Environment Bureau Division, "The number of illegal dumping has increased by 20 to 30% per year, with 1857 in fiscal 2008, 2406 in fiscal 2009 and 2915 in fiscal 2010".

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): 19 years old in England arrested hacker also involved in Sony's attack - international

Mr. Soichiro Tahara, Mr. Tohokuro, Mr. Hiroyuki talks about "Horie Takafumi" statues talked by experts | Nico Nico news

Mr. Seiichi Tahara "I never thought Mr. Horie was a criminal"
Mr. Tokihiro "Good and bad, our generation's star"
Mr. Hiroyuki, Mr. Horie "Funny Otachan"
Mr. Noburo Gohara, Mr. Horie said "a very serious personality"
Mr. Kazumasa Yamaguchi "The enemy of golf, severe to win or lose"
Mr. Takashi Uesugi, Mr. Horie said "Desire seeker (unconscious simple)"

Something possessed preliminary e-books, dedicated terminals, contents were sluggish and paper books were the strongest

▽ Twitter does not support democratization: 47 Topics - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

The Arab Spring was a victory of the Information and Communication Revolution symbolized by the spread of Twitter and social networking, but the fast-paced media was crazy, but how it looks different. It has not progressed like a successful democratization revolution in East and Central Europe countries at least 20 years ago. If I had thought why, I was introducing the hypothesis that the International Herald Tribune the other day (dated June 17) thought is likely to be. I am Mr. Christine Freeland, a global editor at Reuters.
It will be necessary to write a memorial article of the Arab Spring soon, he says.
The first reason is that democracy has not been sold. In the Central and Eastern European countries 20 years ago democracy promised freedom and prosperity. If democratizing, the United States and the Western countries will advertise that it will crawl from poverty to live a rich life, the US and the Western countries will advertise, Eastern European people believed in it and stood up to overthrow the regime. However, as of now, China has achieved economic prosperity without democratization. In contrast, Western countries are in financial and financial crises. It is accepted that democratization and prosperity are not directly related to each other.
Secondly, the development of information and communication technology has helped organize the citizens aiming to overthrow the system, but it seems unlikely to be useful for organizing the construction of new truly democratic social systems. It seems to be the theory which Bulgarian political scientist Ivan Classetov advocates.

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Monthly Shonen Magazine Web | Magazine Eno | Information

I will count 14 from the first issue Unfortunately the monthly boys' magazine extra "Eno" extra edition will be suspended with this issue.

I want to read a nice little girls comic

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes official website | Update: June 22, 2011 / Milky Holmes was adopted as Mitaka City · Mitaka city tourist association poster
In the event to be held on Saturdays and Sundays in July, limited number of handouts will be distributed to applicants

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Re-attack on Hanshin Matsui ... Now off for acquisition Lochall - Sponichi Annex baseball

Hanshin earned Kanemoto, Arai and so on at FA so far. In 2009, Jojima, who left the Mariners, joined the group in 2009, and he also has a track record of returning big items from the major league. There is no problem in terms of financing.

Will it fulfill the joining of over 20 years?

Doala, performance failure too many 2 troops falling ... Japan: professional baseball: baseball: sports report

Doara, who became the first two troops to fall, said, "I think that I think it is a good experience and I'd like to make a firm adjustment and I think there is something to get somewhat," somehow commented from the top. There is also data that the winning percentage of the team and the success rate of the back space are linked with each other, and first encourage the team by leveraging to Doara.

Matsuko Deluxe: Antonio Inoki's "Fighting Implant Injection" is also a Twin Tunnel 27-Hour Television Interview - MANTANWEB (MANTAN web)

Mr. Inoki received a bin of "fighting injection", Nakai and Mr. Yabe blew away, but Matsuko was not trembling, he told Okamura "I got sick of something!" And struck it with a bitter spirit.

Maki Goto Official Site
In January next year I will stop performing arts activities, holding a concert in December. Details announced in July

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The time has come! That 's it, that' Mellow Yellow 'and' Sprite 'are resurrected! New release with taste and package reminiscent of those days

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