R2 - D2 type home planetarium projecting Death Star "Home Star R2 - D2"

If you say house planetarium, you might imagine a superior device, but for Sega Toys"HOMESTAR"The series is a home planetarium that you can enjoy simple planetarium at home at affordable price of some thousands of yen.

From such a HOMESTAR series,R2 - D2In the shape ofDeath StarHomestar R2D2 "which is a different kind of planetarium that projects on the Tokyo Toy Show 2011 was exhibited.

The appearance of HOMESTAR R2 - D2 and the movie actually projecting Death Star are from the following.HOMESTAR | SEGA TOYS

This is "HOMESTAR R2 - D2". The shape is also very well made, and it is slightly fashionable as an interior.

The package looks something like this.

I would like you to project from a mono eye, but the projected part seems to be about the top of the head.

The movie below was actually taken of HOMESTAR R2 - D2 projecting Death Star. Since several kinds of HOMESTAR are running in this space, the stars that are reflected are not only the ones projected by R2D2, but Death Star is due to R2 - D2.

YouTube - Tokyo Toy Show 2011 Sega Toys "HOMESTAR" Demonstration Movie

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