Lawson × Itoen 'Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica' Campaign The original visuals will be released in part

An image of original goods of "Lawson × Itoen" Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica "campaign" to be started at the Lawson stores nationwide from Tuesday, June 21 was released.

The content of the prize is "Madoka / Homura with a voice actor autographed autographed 3D poster" "Original" Kyubebe "stuffed doll (about 80 cm)" "Original tapestry drawing" Original name Serif T-shirt all 10 types "Original prepaid card" "Original clear file 5 pieces set" "Original clear file 5 piece set" has become.

"Magical girl Madoka ☆ Magica" The image of the original goods is from the following.Lawson x Itoen "Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica" Campaign | Entertainment · Campaign | Lawson

"Lawson × Itoen" Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica "Campaign" will be held at Lawson stores nationwide from June 21 (Tue) until July 18 (Monday).

It was held last month.Lawson 'K-on !! Fair'Since the original goods were displayed at the shop front, many fans filled up from early in the morning, but this time campaign is as follows, the application number printed on the receipt when purchasing the target product of Itoen It is a form of applying on the net by using.

1: If you purchase the target item during the period, the application number (ID number) will be printed on the receipt
2: Entry points (1 point for each target product) can be accumulated by registering My page on the campaign dedicated site and entering the application number (ID number) stated on the receipt
3: Once the necessary application points for the prize you want are collected, you will apply from the site
(You can tell the truth on the spot)
4: We will ship prizes from the campaign secretariat to those who elected at a later date

Prizes are divided into A to C courses which can be submitted for the full term and D to F courses whose designs are changed in the last term (June 21 to July 4) and the second term (July 5 to July 18) I will. Below is the product lineup and the points necessary for entry.

1: Permitted prize (June 21 - July 18)
A course 10 Madoka / Homura voice actor autographed Drawing down 3D poster 20 points
B course 10 people Original "Kyubebe" stuffed toy (about 80 cm) 15 points
C course 5 people drawing down Original tapestry 10 points

2: Prizes whose designs change during the period (June 21 - July 4, late July 5 - July 18)
D course 200 people (100 people in each period) Original name Serif T-shirt 10 types (5 types × 2 terms) 10 points
E course 400 people (200 people) Original prepaid cards 2 types (1 type × 2 terms) 5 points
F course 3,000 persons (〃 1,500 people) Original clear file 5 piece set All kinds 2 kinds (1 type × 2 term) 1 point

It is believed that another design will be announced at the late stage as the design is changed during the period because it is released this time.

◆ D Course: Original Name Serif T-shirt

Madoka: "There were disgusting things and sad things, but there were lots of things in this world that I wanted to protect"

Homura "For you, I do not mind being trapped in an eternal maze"

Kyoko: "Do not expose our life to danger, only to do things that only others can do it"

Mami: "Do you want him to make his dream come true, or do you want to be a benefactor that fulfilled his dream?"

Sayaka "I do not need payoff, I will never use magic for myself"

◆ E course: Original prepaid card

◆ F Course: Original Clear File 5 Set

Clear file is a design that one side is real life stuff and the other side is deformed character + Kyube.

Kaname Madoka

Akemi Homura

Sakura Kyoko

Tomoe Mami

Sayaka Miki

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