"IRemocon" makes home electric appliances remotely controlable from the outside via iPhone and iPad

There may be a few people who may have been shocked after noticing that they have gone out while wearing an air conditioner or a television and so on carelessly, but the device that seems to solve such a situation "IRemoconReservation has been started from June 7 today.

What I need for operation is a mobile terminal such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch in addition to the "iRemocon" main unit, and wireless LAN environment at home. In addition to the operation from the place to go, it has a timer function, and the remote control screen used for operation can be customized by oneself.

Details of the device "iRemocon" that prevents wasteful use of electricity due to forgetting to turn off the home appliances are as follows.IRemocon

This is the main body of "iRemocon" which allows you to operate home appliances from a mobile terminal on the go. The current compatible mobile terminal is the main terminal made by iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPod touch (3rd generation, 4th generation), iPad, iPad 2 and Apple, but in the future it will be the Android terminal, We will also correspond to PC.

AC adapter for power supply and connector for LAN cable are attached to the back side of the main unit. Since the size of the main body is about 124 mm × 85 mm × 42 mm, it seems that it can be installed without taking much place. Since it can learn a wide range of frequencies, various home appliances can be registered, and it communicates with household appliances with a powerful wide angle infrared LED. For parts that can not be covered by infrared rays, it is possible to expand the coverage by adding the included external LED cable.

A rough setup flow of "iRemocon" is as follows. First download the dedicated application to the terminal, connect the Wi - Fi router in the house with "iRemocon" via the LAN cable, then start the terminal application and set up the connection with "iRemocon". Then, by transmitting the infrared ray of the remote control of the home appliance that you want to operate remotely towards the main unit, "iRemocon" learns it and it becomes operable from the terminal via wireless LAN.

In the initial state of the design of the remote control operation screen of the application, there are three types of remote control screens "Otona remote control" "Gal remote control" "Moe remote control" are prepared.

The remote control screen on the terminal side can be customized to be user friendly by "UI designer" on the web, and you can create the remote control screen freely by using your favorite wallpaper and images. Easy operation just to arrange each part by drag & drop. It seems that you can change the font size and font size.

By using a terminal, you can operate home appliances from home while away from home, so when you carelessly forget to turn it off, turn off the power by turning on the outside or turning on the air conditioning switch ahead of time before coming home You can remotely control home appliances at home freely, for example.

Macro function allows you to collectively operate the operation of multiple devices, such as "turn off the power of all household appliances in the house by pushing one button after entering the bed when sleeping" according to the use scene It is also possible to make movement.

It is said that API specifications for controlling "iRemocon" for software developers will soon be released. Specific contents will be announced on "iRemocon" site. It is likely that the functions required by the user will be more easily reflected by API release.

You can see the basic operation of "iRemocon" by watching the following movie.

YouTube - Control your home appliances from home or on the go with iPhone!

The price of "iRemocon" is "open price", but according to Amazon's product introduction page, the selling price as of 16:02 on June 7th is 26,880 yen, and the selling source via Amazon market place It seems to be a form to purchase from. Currently in the state of reservation acceptance, release is scheduled for July 6, 2011.

Amazon.co.jp: iRemocon - Smartphone compatible network remote control -: generic

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