President put his song on painful lyrics of his own making into a company song? "Interlink" of the Otaku River will hold a song composition competition

Interlink known as a provider for advanced users such as no ID issuance or telephone support immediately after application is followed by otaku river"Company Song Composition Contest"Is held.

It is amazing just to recruit composers' songs, but in the contest, from among the works remaining in the final contest, works that earn more points are selected, such as "times sung at actual karaoke shops" Adopted the system called. Mr. Tadashi Yokoyama, the president of the lyrics of the subject song, has written lyrics,"Heart is always impossible to cool even overclocking Berthier element"It is hard to understand unless singing songs such as singing songs are also advanced, I would like to ask "Will it be okay with such songs?" Unexpectedly.

Movie and lyrics of Interlink's company song contest final candidate works are as follows.Interlink Company Song Composition Contest Karaoke · Ring Song Ring in Progress !! | Interlink

◆ Works remaining in the final candidate

1: "Atsui Heart's interlink" by Rio's como

YouTube - Interlink song composition contest Applicant: "Rio's como"

Composer comment:
"I made it with an image that makes your leap with a leaping feeling and your company will leap with company songs."

2: Ukulele ☆ Greenpeace "Atsui Heart's interlink"

YouTube - Interlink song composition contest ukulele ☆ Greenpeace

Composer comment:
"I imagined a hot heart of easy-to-sing and easy-to-remember melody theme and made it a pop rock song"

3: Cayoel & Kazuel's "Hot Heart's Interlink"

YouTube - Interlink song composition contest Applicant: "Cayoel & Kazuel"

Composer comment:
"I made it as a rock song of the image that the Internet is connected to a line, connected to people, go around the earth that connects to the world,"

4: "Atsui Heart's interlink" by Naoki Suzuki and Mio Musika

YouTube - Interlink song composition competitor Applicants: Naoki Suzuki and Mio Musika

Composer comment:
"I aimed for a powerful and good POP Nori good song, a memorable easy-to-sing melody, royal road style as a popular song"

5: "Atsui Heart's interlink" by Bushido

YouTube - Interlink song composition contest "Bushido" 2

Composer comment:
"I want to brighten up the current feeling of blocking sense and energize and I aimed for a song that makes me feel happy for my young and old."

6: "Mikata of the Otaku" by Kumiko Tsubasa

YouTube - "Otaku no Mikata" composition contest Applicant: Mr. Kumiko TSUBARA

Composer comment:
"I thought that" Enka of the mind "as a means to convey strength and excitement along with the depth of the otaku river, I made it like this"

Each work is a karaoke chain"Iron Man of Karaoke"It is registered in the store, you can actually sing at the store.

◆ Lyrics

Hot Heart's Interlink

In front of Otome Road
Towering Sunshine 60

Name resolution reverse setting
Application for IP address allocation

Anytime please
When you like
I can do it myself
System construction

Connect real and virtual

In front of Otome Road
Towering Sunshine 60

Dispatch spam report
Remote login VPN completion

Heart always
Even in the Berthier element
Impossible to cool

Connect real and virtual

Otaku no Mikata

Cell, Father, contents are V letter Anago
(Chorus: This knowledge otaku is out of ordinary world)

Kimi who hears the meaning of "rearing" is Sole
(Chorus: No one has heard of it No one has heard of it)

The animation cut by the first episode godly developed
Full of real thing but the real thing?
My favorite daughter is not a passenger seat but a bonnet

If it's a fight, it will not come out on the net.
Only this one can stop me
The purpose is from the destination Shinkansen
Otaku Nomikata Interlink Interlink

Am I? I have been lined up since yesterday morning
(Chorus: Babuhihubuhuhuhu alone laugh)

New York London Milano Akihabara
Amazon is not a foreign country Mother
Dad's child allowance is OTA funds

Morning Job Security Daytime Maid Cafe Night Delusion
Be careful otaku will not shut up suddenly
The way of the Shura who can not receive praise even if it is sought
Otaku Nomikata Interlink Interlink

I do not yet know which lyrics are adopted for company songs, but my thoughts on whether to sing this lyrics by all the employees at the occasion of a memorial ceremony etc. will make my heart warm.

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