A picture of an amusement park converted to ruins by Hurricane Katrina

In the summer of 2005, a large-scale hurricane attacking the southeast part of the United States"Katrina"In particular, the damage situation of New Orleans in Louisiana province is enormous, that about 80% of the city will be submerged, and six years have passed since the disaster, but the reconstruction is still completed not.

As a tale of the seriousness of the damage of New Orleans, the theme park"Six Flags"A picture taken in the past 6 years of the year has been released.

Pictures of the amusement park converted into ruins from the following.Haunting new images reveal abandoned theme park devastated by Hurricane Katrina ... and left abandoned ever since | Mail Online

A corroded roller coaster. Six · Flags is located in a lowland in the eastern part of New Orleans, flooding caused inundation up to about 7 feet (about 2.1 m) and it seems that water did not draw for nearly a month.

The painfully destroyed clown head.

Vehicles in a slightly higher position are also completely destroyed.

The amusement park has become ruined, and on the signboard there is scribbling as "WELCOME 2 ZOMBIE LAND KIDS (Welcome to Zombie Land, Boyons)".

It is said that almost 80% of the buildings and vehicles corroded due to the river's water and sea water being mixed in and it was impossible to restore.

There are plants entangled in the abandoned ride.

Although there was a rumor of reconstruction, Park was closed in 2010 due to the deterioration of the management of Six · Flags body.

The building collapses and the pole is inclined everywhere.

Among the signs that fell off, the fact that only the indication of "PARADISE HOT DOG" remains clearly read gives a more impenetrable impression.

Buildings are gradually collapsed due to corrosion, but there seems to be a lot of graffiti hoping for hope.

A decaying merry-go-round.

A mountain of computers left without being destroyed.

The panel on which the character is drawn is buried in the grass.

The paint has fallen offSpongebobSigns of.

The bottom movie is a picture taken at the closure of 2010. The state of the park left uncollapsed is recorded.

YouTube - Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans Tour

In January 2011, Southern Star Amusement company submitted an opinion on redevelopment to the city council, and at least until this opinion was approved, New Orleans' Six Flags will continue to leave its appearance It looks likely.

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