Cerebral delusion idea Crisis of leakage or elucidation of clues to read thoughts

The possibility that the ability of the fiction world such as telepathy and reading mentions will become a reality has emerged.

Succeeded in partly identifying the type of electric signals emitted by the brain as a by-product of research on epilepsy treatment. It is being announced that using the signal, it seems likely that people will be able to read what they tried to talk and what they thought. Depending on how this research progresses, it may be that the future thinking in the brain every day and such a thing will be readable by others.

Depending on future development brain delusional dada leakage is not even a dream, discovery about neuroscience is from the following.Reading your mind: New research finds how words are formed in the brain | Mail Online

Research conducted at the Center for Neuroscience and Innovation at the University of Washington in the USA has clarified the mechanism of how words are formed and come up in the brain. Eric Leuthardt, the leader, took four patients suffering from severe epilepsy as subjects, and implanted 64 electrodes on each person's head to observe its behavior.

Although the initial purpose of the study was "finding the cause of epilepsy", Mr. Leuthardt observed the part of the brain that forms the content of the utterance at the same time as pursuing it. Subjects were asked to pronounce four consecutive sounds "oo" "ah" "eh" "ee". When the test subject emitted the sound, researchers succeeded in confirming the four types of electrical signals corresponding to each sound. Although it is difficult to form sentences using only these four kinds of electric signals, it seems that there will be no doubt that it will be a catalyst for similar research to advance in the future.

Also, it is said that the brain emitted signals in the same way not only for the sounds that were put in the mouth, but also for the sounds that people thought to the head, but the electric signals emitted at that time were It seems that it was quite different.

Further research on these findings has led to the possibility that not only the content that I am planning to speak but also technologies to read the thought contents that I do not mind just thinking in the brain may be developed It was. Alternatively, it may lead to the development of technology for people and people to talk in telepathy.

Leuthardt says, "From this discovery, it turned out that the brain was not a black box that philosophically defined, but I use this discovery to read the hearts of others altogether I do not think so, but I can not do that, but I just got the proof that it is possible. "Because he said that it is probably that research will not proceed for reading Although it seems, it seems that the possibility of becoming reality, such as reading or telepathy, which was thought to be only in fiction is not zero.

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