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Request site reviving books out-of-print or out of stock voting from users "Rebuilt dot comTezuka Osamu's"Bird of Fire" Original Edition Reprint Complete Works (12 volumes)Will be released in late June.

"Fire Bird" is a masterpiece series that started in 1954 with "Manga Shonen" and lasted for 35 years across five magazines. This time it is its original version, it will be published as a permanent love version containing all the doors etc.The price is 93,800 yen. It is said that the first edition is a completely limited special publication and does not reprint.

In May, "仮面ライダー 1971 <<カラー完全版>>BOXComic version by Shintaro Ishinomori revives, saying that. This was published as a commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the rider as it found the original manuscript of the one that was published once in magazine form in 1971. This is also the first edition perfect limited item.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

All-you-can-eat pancake, Royal host "Pancake as you like" and have eaten plenty of maple syrup pancake - GIGAZINE

Spicyness enhancement with African chilli, "LEE spicy × 30 times" and "Nissin Don it noodles" taste review - GIGAZINE

Is there a mysterious natural phenomenon "ball lightning" that the ball of light passes through the air? - GIGAZINE

10 robust animals who got the protection of the iron wall to survive - GIGAZINE
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VIPPER I: If you smile with movie titles mixed with "Tiger"

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Nearby Revelation

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Quartz VS Predator

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5 centimeters of Shiroi

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Theater version Pocket Monsters Tiger's counterattack
Summer vacation of Teru at the same time

As a topic of overseas Japanese girls elementary school students: 【2ch】 New speed VIP blog (`· ω · ')
Will clothing and makeup be influenced by my parents?

Girl's dirty room p ス レ │ キ ッ ニ ー quick-moving breaking news
If it gets soiled to a certain extent or more it will make me wonder whether the room is a lady's room or a male's room

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"Collective Wisdom" Declines in Opinion Sharing: Research Results | WIRED VISION

In order for collective intelligence to be demonstrated, certain conditions must be met. In other words, each member of the group has diverse opinions and it is necessary to arrive at those opinions on their own

Raw mackerel in Kyushu Why is it all right Parasite Anisakis kind cause theory influence Distribution of host whale species in the Pacific and the Japan Sea? / Nishinippon Shimbun

There are customs to eat mackerel in western Japan mainly in northern Kyushu including Saga, Nagasaki, Fukuoka, but eat through East in Kanto etc. East. why? "Because fresh mackerel in Kyushu is fresh." Although it may be correct, a novel that has been caused by the difference in the type of parasite Anisakis is emerging in recent research.

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There is a possibility that nuclear fuel is coming out from the containment vessel! It is! : Watch @ 2 channel

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Not too much, but also with preventive awareness that it deals with important facilities
It can not be said that we were able to respond to the accident after an optimal and prompt action.
It is a human disaster of TEPCO who had been operating in a monopoly company.

"I got you to bring a generator" → "Does not plug in"

"Please evacuate only TEPCO employees" → "I am useless" → "I will do it"

"Hydrogen explosion occurred in the building" → "The explosion is within the assumption and there is no damage to the reactor" → "I forgot that there was a fuel pool" → "In addition, the nuclear reactor was perforated outside the supposition "→" I was meltdown "

"I'm turning the generator" → "I have run out of fuel for several hours"

"We do not consider seawater because we are not considering the waste furnace," → "We put seawater but we are not considering the waste furnace" → "Decommissioning furnace!"

"The president does not show up as I am leading the staff at the spot" → "I was hospitalized from a while ago"

"There is no problem as we understand the situation perfectly" → "But I do not know the details"

"There are insufficient local staff" → "I am looking for a part-time job for subcontracts while there are tens of thousands TEPCO employees who are professional"

"Released amount is 24 trillion bezel" → "In fact it was 100 trillion bezel"

"Area of ​​planned blackout can not be broken down finely" → "It was able to be done"

"Earthquake has occurred" → "The director of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, which is most familiar to the scene, temporarily goes to Tokyo"

"Compensation for accidents is necessary" → "We will reduce wages, but TEPCO will exceed the average salaryman's annual salary rather than minimum wage" → "In addition, we will raise electricity price"

"Agriculture and fishery related persons including neighborhood refugees and nearby prefectures have no income and needy suicide, even suicide people" → "I will pay in advance within the 30 km range, but others will live a few months later" → " Even though I do not know the total amount, I quickly decided the salaries of TEPCO's officers. "

"Injection of sea water at Unit 1, Interruption at official residence instruction" News i - TBS video news site

According to the story of government officials, TEPCO reported to the Prime Minister 's office the start of the seawater injection, as the fresh water bottomed out, TEPCO took in sea water injection, the official residence said "There was no prior consultation It criticized the correspondence of TEPCO. On that basis, I instructed TEPCO to stop the seawater injection immediately, and as a result, seawater injection was canceled at 7:25 pm.
And at 40 minutes after 40 minutes there was a call again to resume the seawater injection from the official residence and injection was resumed at 8:20 pm.

Discontinuation of seawater injection of Unit 1 55 minutes Interruption Reclicrity Fear Prime Instruction - 47 NEWS (Yona no Toshi news)

According to government sources, the injection of seawater at 7 p.m. started only on site judgment. Prime Minister Naoto Kan told us that it stopped water injection once it was found that re-criticality might occur in seawater injection by inquiries to the Nuclear Safety Commission. After that, it turned out that there was no problem, and water injection with boric acid added was resumed.

Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant: "20 mispervert misunderstanding has arisen" safety committee - daily jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

Chairperson (Mirror) Chairperson Haruki said about the reasons for publicizing the way of thinking, "Although I thought that the dose is as small as possible, it would be caught okay if I took 20 mSv per year and got a misunderstanding I want to fulfill accountability by this. "

Political economy ch - TEPCO ranking, further lowered by 7 steps Aa 2 → A1 → Baa 1 → Baa 3 → Caa

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Large enterprises continued to be alright okay Nori followed,
One day suddenly, Owata is going to be expanded.

35 Name: Anonymous Mr. @ Namida eyes. (Shizuoka): 2011/05/19 (Thurs) 22: 17: 09.79 ID: OflgXhPW0
Of course
Because Chuomi was downgraded by one stage only by stopping Hamaoka Nara
It's not like I woke up like that for two

Apartment Resident "Recently, the tap water is dirty!" → If you examine the water storage tank there - ('A `) <

232: Nameless san @ Namida eyes. (Kanagawa Prefecture): 2011/05/19 (Thurs) 15: 31: 17.90 ID: BxxSXpUO0
When Bilmen in Tokyo is Majestic
Every building inspects the receiving tank and elevated tank every month, but it is quite beautiful
Depending on where the rust of the piping is a little at the bottom
I have never seen insects or rats

Something possessed preliminary report "Students who did not donate letters write names on the blackboard" A problem with Municipal middle school in Akita

Odate Municipal First Junior High School (Principal, Shunsuke Kikuchi) Two homeroom teachers in the second grade,
The name of the student who does not pay the donation for the Great East Japan Earthquake for several days in the classroom
It protruded to the blackboard, and it was found on 19th that he had received complaints from parents and removed it.

29: Nameless san @ Namida eyes. (Tibet Autonomous Region): 2011/05/20 (Fri) 10: 45: 21.58 ID: piAJGEDB 0
I can not believe that I do not want to be like it in the future
There really is nothing like teacher with common sense either
I can only think that he is crazy
At the stage of preparing to paste when the complaint comes from the parent or moment of sticking out
Someone is afraid of the staff room which does not say "It is bad for a moment"

452: Nameless san @ Namida eyes. (Dion Army): 2011/05/20 (Fri) 11: 17: 39.20 ID: yqLG 6 uhs 0
I spent my elementary school days in Akita, but it was awesome peace
There was also no bullying and it may be because Jusco was a city with a neighborhood
Just the same pressure may be the best in Japan
Where there is bullying is for the whole class, not where all the classes are good friends

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Kyushu University withdrew the entrance examination "female border" and received criticism of "discrimination" - society

When Kyushu University heard opinions from law experts such as lawyers, it was pointed out that the "female frame" could be contrary to the law under the law. I thought about the stress received by students entering the female border, and decided to withdraw on the 19th consultation within the university.

Selling sales called "G logo" similar to coach: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Was it still impossible? ... To drive-through bookstore closure: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

The inseparable relationship between power and sexual harassment: Nikkei Business Online

An ordinary man is obliged to live a sexually discreet way, while a hero leaves a sexual punishment. In other words, the problem is not the desire or personality, but the presence or absence of "power".

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Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Room temperature can be tolerated "This year is 29 degrees" Daikin survey - Society

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): JR Osaka station, new roof without new roof can be removed, rain blowing - Society

Under the symbol of renewal · Under the big roof, you can see that rain blown by the wind blows from the side and you can not touch the old roof of the home that was supposed to be removed. The view of the boast that was supposed to produce the opening feeling of the station in Europe is falling into "poor visibility".

I wonder if I did not know at the stage before construction ......

Importance of 'words' I want new society people to know

There may be some people like "going my way", but first of all we should practice "my way" after doing basic things such as wording and courtesy. Rough vocabulary and remarks that you do not care about your opponent are weapons. People can not move with logic. It is an animation that moves with emotion. Even though it makes a lot of sense, people do not listen to the remarks that do not contain feelings to respect others.

And the sun rise to the field. (# ゜ Д ゜) there! - My wicked note

However, the more I get impressed by the work, the more I get overwhelmed, "Why the person who writes such things is ... or no, because it is a single page, I could write it ...".

"Falsify the fact"
"Do not treat others as criminals"
"Everything that is not convenient for you is called a lie"
"Even if you have a clear evidence in everyone's eyes, you will not admit it"

What I am doing now is what Mr. Hiagaki himself was the subject of criticism.

Science of kisses "Why do people kiss?": You surely read the Sugo book I do not know

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Wonderful incident on "Boards over 60 years old" wwwww: Ashameda

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
We still do not know the name of the flower we saw that day. | Anime official website
A campaign to recruit votes on clothes for each story by each story and make the scenes dressed in the most votes cast as desktop wallpapers. That style that Yuki Atsu showed in episode 4 is also subject to voting.

"That flower" CUT interview, animation that the site is making with a good atmosphere is transmitted: Moe Ota news bulletin

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ZONE, reunited as lyrics "August 10 years later"! Revival Live Hosting (ZONE) News - ORICON STYLE -

We sung their representative song "secret base ~ what you gave" released on August 8, 2001 to the last of the Budokan performance and singing in the lyrics "Believe that we can meet again in August 10 years later, Leaving the message ",," disappeared from the stage, we will revive in August 10 years.

Thank you very much | Mejiro farming heart of the mezzo ranch

Ori Okada coach at "DH Imamura" in Hiroshima Throat and face / main news bulletin / Daily Sports online

"DH has been stamped out and it is absolutely one bashfully racked." Director Nomura expresses "あ" and "け れ っ た".

Imamura of attention stood at the bat with twice the first death of the death and successfully sent the bunt before the throw.

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