"Capture Camera Clip System" that you can carry with a single lens reflex camera attached to a belt etc.

If you are a person who is interested in taking pictures with a single lens reflex camera, you think that many people have a special bag to put in the camera, but if you store it in a bag you can not retrieve it immediately I have trouble with it. However, SLR cameras are quite large compared to compact digital cameras, it is heavy and difficult to walk from the neck and there is a possibility of hitting somewhere.

To solve such a problem is "Capture Camera Clip System". You will be able to attach the camera to a belt or the like, so you can take pictures with your camera in hand as soon as possible.

The movie that details the item is from the following.
Capture Camera Clip System by Peter Dering - Kickstarter

YouTube - Capture Camera Clip System by Peter Dering - Kickstarter.mp4

I figured out Peter Dering.

People who casually use digital single lens reflex cameras have increased, but as you walk from the neck as you walk, you shake every time you walk, there is a danger of hitting somewhere.

Fear of the lens hitting the ground and the wall when crouching to tie a shoe string. However, once you put it in your bag, you can not take shooting quickly.

So Dering thought about it.

In this way, the mechanism is like a quick shoe used for a camera tripod, and it is designed to slide away from the center part.

Also, the base part is designed to be opened by loosening the screw.

Attach this with a belt and so on.

If you attach a quick shoe to the camera, it is easy to install it like this in this way.

Besides the belt, the place can be anywhere as long as it can be pinched.

Lens replacement is also easy if you fix the camera upward.

For example, if you are attaching shipping brackets to the roof of a car in this way, you can attach it to it.

It can also be installed on a bicycle. The degree of freedom is quite high, and you can use it in various ways.

It was said that considerable trial and error was done in development.

This Capture Camera Clip System,KickstarterIt is registered on the online recruitment site called online, and seems to have already collected 153,910 dollars (about 125.4 million yen) from 2426 sponsors. By the way, 100 people who decided to invest over 100 dollars are said to be given priority when item production is done, but the frame is already filled.

We will recruit sponsors until July 16th.

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