Eleven title screens like this when using various famous movies such as "Shining" and "Leon" as Nintendo

"Goonies"Ya"Star Wars"Although there are many masterpieces movies made into games in Nintendo, etc., even though movies are masterpieces, games do not necessarily become masterpieces. Although there are many things that can be called kusoge in some, there is a lot of things that games of the movie games have been done one after another Naming the era of Famicom that "If the masterpiece was a Nintendo it probably would have been such a title screen" Artwork is open to the public.

Stanley Kubrickof"Shining"Ya"Clockworking orange", Starring Jean Reno"Leon"The title screen which made various masterpiece movies as Nintendo such as, etc. from the following.VGJUNK: LICENSED NES GAMES THAT DO NOT EXIST


Initially published in 1982"Blade Runner". In a movie based on Philip K. Dick's SF novel "Android is the dream of electric sheep?" As the original, in the world after the majority of human beings have migrated to space due to the deterioration of the global environment, it is called "replicant" It is a masterpiece depicting the success and conflict of full-time investigator "Blade Runner" executing a person who escaped against mankind in the artificial human being. Although it is a subject which is likely to be quite interesting if it is made into a game, unfortunately the NES version does not exist.

"Clockworking orange"Was made into a film by Director Stanley Kubrick in 1972 and performed by Beethoven with its unique violence depictionSymphony No. 9And"Sing into the rain"Beautiful melodies such as such are impressive, but it seems that age restriction will be applied if it is converted to games now.

"Ghost World"Is a movie version of Daniel Crows' s comic "Ghost World" released in 2001. A popular work that depicts the relaxation of adolescent hearts that do not get used to the world with a unique atmosphere, with two girls, Enid and Rebecca living in a boring town in the outskirts of Los Angeles as the main character. I can not imagine what kind of game it will be, but indeed the Namcott era"Wagyan Land"Ya"Mappy"It may be that the loose atmosphere such as the movie is suitable for the movie.

"Hell Razor"Is a horror film released in 1987. By solving the mysterious puzzle box "Hell Razor" that you can experience the ultimate sexual sensation by rearranging, you step into the world where Mage Pinheads live, but what was given is forever I do not imagine what it would be like to become a game if it is a movie with a content of a considerably exiguous content that it was the pain of the extreme that follows, but I also want to try it for a moment.

Steven King's original, director Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece horror movie "Shining""Clock Tower"You can imagine that there is a type of game that solves a mystery while running away from Jack like. It might have been a surprising hit work if it was made into games in the Nintendo period.

The "Night of the Living Dead" published in 1968 is a work which can be said as the original of a zombie film by George A. Romero. It is now"Resident Evil"Ya"Dead Rising"As you can imagine the hit game of a game shooting zombies with a gun like this, when you look at this title screen, it is thought that it may be that the hit of bio / hazard was also the thing of drawing ability of PlayStation I will.

"Video Drome"Is a Canadian film released in 1982 and is the earliest representative of director David Kronenberg, but because of a too esoteric movie the box office performance did not go well, and then became popular as a cult movie by video conversion. I also have a feeling that being played by children as a game would be a work hesitant to hesitate.

Directed by Luc Besson"Leon"Is still a popular masterpiece with strong persistence. Role of LeonJean RenoAnd role of MatildaNatalie PortmanActing is very impressive this work, although it may be difficult to produce a movie atmosphere with Nintendo, but Jean Reno made with the dot on the title screen is a splendid one.

"American psycho"Is a movie released in 2000 with the novel of the same name as the original. Patrick Batemann, a vice president at Wall Street investment company, is a murderer who has the impulse that the brains are clear, the social status is high, even with excellent appearances, they can not help killing people. Although it is a masterpiece sharply satanized the pathology of contemporary society, what kind of game would be a game? It may be possible if you are currently playing a game where you continue murder without being caught.

"Jacobs Ladder"The movie released in 1990. The name of the work means "Jacob's ladder", which appears in the dream Jacob saw in the Genesis of the Old Testament, the ladder that follows the sky from the ground used by the angel. According to the producer of the title screen, "Although the game version of Jacob's Ladder actually exists, it is a masterpiece that drew beautifully complex plots where reality and dreams interlace with a unique and grotesque production,"Silent Hill 3"That's it.

"Vampire Nosferatu" is an old German expressionism movie created in 1922. It is said to be the oldest one among horror movies dealing with Dracula, and vampires with sharp front teeth and hairless rats are exaggerating the fear of a smart and beautiful vampire.

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