"Gintama in Namco · Nanja Town" who seems to be a dumpling gyoza is a challenge to all 41 kinds of food menu

Banana dumplings · Leroloro candy dumplings · Mayonnaise-type dumplings · Long sweet dumplings · Dumplings · Blackboard dumplings · Elisabeth's Osan dumplings · Kiselle dumplings · Uji ginkgo dumplings · dumplings · · · etc etc, such as Namco · Namja Town in IkebukuroGintama in Namco · Namja Town"Has been done and a lot of collaboration menus are being deployed, so we went to eat.

In the first place, this is an animated popular manga series of Weekly Shonen Jump Tap "GintamaThings are being held celebrating the animation revival of. Even in the original episode, it gained popularity with the content quite haunted, after the broadcast from April 2006 to March 2010, the contents of the broadcast almost caught up with the jump series and so on and so on, with rest periods in between, April 2011 Broadcasting is taking place again.

So, as it was rushing just before the end of the campaign, I could not go back "because I could not eat", I got a body blow to the coming character motif menu, packed in the belly while being attacked by the mayonnaise and red bean 's wavy attack . Tasting photo review details from below.

Gintama in Namco · Namja Town

Namjatown is an IkebukuroSunshine CityIt is in

Before entrance. Admission fee is 300 yen for adults (junior high school students and above), 200 yen for children (over 4 years old and below elementary school students), 14 admissions in the park are all-you-can-enjoy for one day Nanja Passport is adult 3900 yen, children 3,300 yen. In addition to this there are settings such as night pass and family set at the entrance since 17 o'clock.

Gintama Desert & Food is held from February 19th to May 15th, the menu is 41 kinds in all. It is not an amount to challenge from this kind of limit, but I decided to try until I can do it.

Fixed Spring is greeted at the entrance.

The food and drink booth in Namja Town is divided into three categories, "Ikebukuro dumpling stadium" where dumpling shops gathered, "Ice Cream City" where ice cream shops gathered, "Tokyo Desert Republic" mainly in desert series. Since desserts and ice seemed to be able to eat it even afterwards, I first challenged from a dumpling that seemed to be stuck in my stomach.

"It's super long, but not !!" Silver Mr. wood sword dumplings (Dragon, 580 yen). By the way, what I write parenthesis is the name of the shop selling.

I put iPhone 4 as a comparison target. This is long.

ProperlyReproduction of "Toyako" carved part.

This is sauce.

Anyhow it's huge and hard to eat, but as a dumpling you can eat delicious as normal. However, when we are going to challenge all 41 kinds of menus, when we send out this volume of dumplings, the future will become uneasy.

Pandemonium and Shin-Hachi dumplings (Come, 500 yen)

Mr. Pandemonium and Shinkachi who appeared in Animation 197 story (Original 285 lesson) have become dumplings.

Shinkachi has its forelock part in another dumpling.

Pandemonium's face is too faithful and scary ... .... By the way, in the Shinbashi Vision a beautiful girl (CV:Mamiko NotoAlthough it seems to be, it may have been hard to eat with it.

Silver 's arrival dumplings (Come, 550 yen). Silver 's arrival is dumpling. Because it is sold at the same shop as Pandemonium, it looks like ordinary dumplings.

Dr. Ginpachi's Lerollo candy gyoza (Teraoka shop, 580 yen)

Candy part is dumpling.

A dumpling simulating a blackboard.

The back side looks like this. Especially meat etc is not included.

Kondo's banana dumplings (Akasaka Chibisuke, 580 yen)

I sandwich dumplings with eggs, peeled eggs and dumplings come out from inside.

"From time to time our way is" dumplings (Enfukumon, 550 yen)

A sword and a book that symbolizes that the silver time, Takasugi and Katsura who had learned under the same Yoshida Matsuyama, which appeared in the Red Sakura hereded into a movie, decided to go on different paths.

A book with a sword is Katsura's one. Swords, both books are dumplings.

Sword to Protect ~ Insects of the dark night gather at the light ~ (Huaxing, 600 yen)

In the Red Sakura hewa fist sword cherry blossom victory fighting "silver sword" at the time of silver was fried dumplings.

Because it is slender, you can eat it with gypsy poly pi.

The dragon in the part of the brim is also clogged with a tool.

I came back "Mayonnaise is insufficient though !!" Dumplings (Miyoshi, 530 yen). "Mayo" written in mayonnaise-type dumplings and mayonnaise, a dumpling that seems to be pleasing Hijikata who likes mayonnaise.

Divine sexual dumplings (Miyoshi, 580 yen)

Dumplings expressing "Happy Earth rice is delicious" and a happy priestess.

This is a representation of the rice of the earth, rice is on the potatoes.

"My dumplings, absolutely eat Al!" (Kanda dumpling shop, 600 yen)

It is a gyoza imitating Kagura's headdress, and it is tightly packed inside. However, I get a slightly high impression with 600 yen for 2 pieces.

Elizabeth 's Osan dumplings (Kanda dumpling shop, 600 yen). It is a figure that gets a little scared at the moment of opening the container lid. Perhaps, it seems that it was a beautiful Elizabeth before baking.

looks delicious……?

I am sorry somehow because I seem to be demolishing Elizabeth, but I will get it.

It is a large gyoza containing ingredients considerably firmly, so eating is perfect. I'm pretty stuffy.

Takasugi's "butterfly of the dark night" dumplings (Akasaka Chibisuke, 580 yen)

Is this gyoza expressing a butterfly?

I am sorry that the dumplings themselves are a little thin because they are finished like a picture.

Takasugi's kissel gyoza (Huaxing, 580 yen)

The ingredients are properly contained in the package at the end, but since it is made up of thin parts overall, the skins are just skinsing and the impression that "dumplings ......?"

"It feels like hitting a horse race today!" Dumplings (Queen, 550 yen) and "It is not Ma Oo! Skipjack!" Dumplings (Queen, \ 550)

Hasegawa who challenges horse racing has a horse racing newspaper.

This is not a famous plumber Ma Oo ... ... but a Katsura dressed as bonito.

The contents are the same.

A bit of texture of the ingredients was missing, and it felt like being squashed ... .... Increase the meat a bit more, or put something with a texture such as bamboo shoots and it seems that eating response will come out.

Fluffy Okita dumplings (Antei, 610 yen)

It is a meat bean modeled on Okita Satoru's true selection.

Hohuwa Spring dumpling (Antei, 600 yen)

Here is a meatball that modeled on the constant spring of a thousand shops. Ears are also rice cake.

I feel sorry for peeling off my skin so please eat it.

SPARKING !! Yamazaki Anpan Festival Dumplings (Dragon, 450 yen)

Dumplings rather than dumplings. SPARKING this on Hijikata's face !! It seems to be ridiculous ......

Beige is full of inside. It is fried fish hoca.

The last of dumplings is Uji Ginkoku dumpling dumplings (iron pot Ararae head office, 680 yen)

Items that appeared from the 1 hour special in broadcasting suddenly in animation. Something like a dumpling bowl, so to speak, a red bean on rice .......

However, this time there was a dumpling dumpling that enclosed the anko under the rice, as it is a menu that the dumpling shops are offering.

It looks a little outgrown, but it is unusual to eat with dessert as it is like eating Ohagi. However, it is painful to have a lot of volume.

A little strange feeling that dumplings are also sweet but delicious.

Dumplings complete meal. Thank you for the meal.

I already have quite a lot of stomach, but I will continue to challenge dessert & ice ... ....

Wonder and just strawberry milk will be visible to Mr. Silver "Gintama in Namco Namja Town" ice cream and dessert ate all

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