The campaign Osaka kingdom is carrying out a campaign to get a dumpling free ticket only for dumplings

Osaka kingNovember 22, when eating dumplings, we are doing a campaign where you can get a dumpling free ticket as much as you can eat, do not know what is going on. I actually went to a shop and ate dumplings for what it is to be able to receive.

As much as I ate original dumplings, dumplings free ticket gift campaign

Arrived at Osaka king.

Gyoza is 210 yen per dish.

The interior of the shop is quite crowded.

A poster was also stuck in the store. By saying, "As much as I ate dumplings, a dumpling free ticket can be bought!", It seems that "Gyoza is real free" when using the phrase which is good in the mobile phone industry.

I tried to actually order.

Two dumplings came.

Previously, Osaka king general's "All you can eat dinner for 500 yenI went to ", but if it is about 2 servings, it will be in an instant.

Is it really possible to get a free ticket just by eating this?

I have finished billing. Every time you eat dumplings for 1 servings, you can receive 1 dumpling free ticket like this. This time it is two servings because it is two people.

The period for which a free ticket can be obtained is until November 30. And free tickets can be used from December 1st until the end of January 2012.

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