How does it differ from Google's "Chromebook" launching in seconds, a laptop computer? Summary

"ChromebookGoogle defines that it is different from a general laptop computer,Its development began about two years ago. And finally today,Actual Chromebook from Samsung and AcerAlthough it was announced, what is this aim for this Chromebook originally and what is great how is it initially?

So, not only the hardware aspect currently implemented in the real machine, but also where Google is going to go with this Chromebook, the summary of all that is from below.

Google Chrome Blog: A new kind of computer: Chromebook

Characteristics of Chromebook are as follows.

· You do not have to wait a few minutes to start up and connect to the net
YouTube - Chromebook - Speed

- Start up in a few seconds, you can send and receive mail immediately

· All software on the Chromebook is automatically upgraded and speeds up over time
YouTube - Chromebook - Updates

· You can access your apps, games, photos, music, movies, documents wherever you are, there is no worry of losing all of their data even if your computer breaks, even if you forget to backup you will have no problem
YouTube - Chromebook - Sync

· Since you can continue to operate properly all day just by charging once a day, you do not need to carry AC power or power cord

· As well as wireless LAN, 3G connection is built in, so you can connect to the net whenever you need it anytime anywhere like a cell phone
YouTube - Chromebook - Connectivity

· ChromebookMultiple security layersSo you do not need to purchase or update antivirus software
YouTube - Chromebook - Security

· No time is required to set up the software so that you can use a PC, and time to keep it up to date is unnecessary

In other words,Let's make the net available easily by anyone without expert knowledge in every placeThat is the purpose of the Chromebook. It is an image movie for the following promotion that explains all these elements in one minute and 50 seconds at once.

YouTube - Introducing the Chromebook

More specifically, it is okay if the coffee is overwhelmed with a huge spill on the actual screenshot or Chromebook! The real guide movie like this is below.

YouTube - Chromebook - Guided Tour

To realize all of the above, the core of the Chromebook is a web browser. In other words, it's core to browsers browsing various pages of Internet like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Of course, it is the browser that Google made,Google ChromeAnd since more than 160 million active users continue to use it worldwide, the reliability has also increased to a considerable level and the Chrome team responsible for development seamlessly repeats the automatic update seamlessly Because it is, it gets better little by little, and it is speeding up little by little.

There are already millions of web apps and billions of users on the web, trying new apps and sharing apps with friends is as simple as clicking a link. Every piece of information can be retrieved quickly, and developers can easily embed and mash up and develop new products and services. In other words, the web has become a comprehensive tool that can cover all the platforms that have been created so far from telephone to television, and Google's Chromebook was developed as an entrance.

You can understand this as soon as you see the movie below.

YouTube - Chromebook - Apps

In addition, Google seems to believe that by spreading HTML 5 and other open standards standards, web applications should soon be able to realize everything that traditional applications can do in the same way.

This Google's grand plan, the first phase of the plan to make it easy for everyone to use the net without any expertise anywhere by Chromebook is exactly whatActual Chromebook released by Samsung and AcerThat's why.

As future developments, Chromebooks can be purchased online from June 15th in the United States, the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain first. We plan to be able to purchase in more countries in the future,Amazon·Best Buy· It is said that it will be released from other leading retailers.

Especially, Google focuses on this Chromebook is for business and school education. Both are places where we have continued to fight against factors such as complicated, expensive and instable in the part that is far from the essence of maintaining and maintaining personal computers like we have been until now, in the field of business and school education, "maintenance is unnecessary" It seems that you think that the benefits of Chromebook called "backup unnecessary," "no need for anti-virus software" and "start up at anytime anywhere and connect to the Internet" come alive.

So Chromebook is a service for business and educational institutions (Chromebooks for Business and Education) Are also provided, and it is possible to remotely manage users, manage devices, manage applications, and manage policies via the cloud management console. In other words, no matter where the company or school computer is, you can manage it properly by remote control.

You can understand that by watching the following movies.

YouTube - Chromebook - Business and Education Overview

This business and educational services include enterprise level support, repair warranty in case of breakdown, exchange with equivalent function equivalent during repair, etc. Even if you do not know how to use Google will support and answer, so if your Chromebook fails you can repair it immediately, while Chromebook will be out of hand at the time of repair, but all data will be on the net So you can return to the original environment as soon as you borrow alternative machines with comparable functions and as soon as your Chromebook comes back from repair you can immediately return to the original environment and continue without stopping the work That's why.

This service is a monthly billing method, which is 28 dollars a month (about 2200 yen) for business and 20 dollars a month (about 1600 yen) for educational institutions.

The following movies are actually examples of companies using Chromebooks. Examples of cases that make the best use of the advantage of being able to connect to the Internet anytime and anywhere is on top of it.

YouTube - Chromebook - Jason's Deli

There is also a movie of the case as to what happens when using a Chromebook at the educational site. Although it seems impossible to realize it at Japanese education site which sticks like "Mobile phone banning prohibited / use prohibited" inside the school.

YouTube - Chromebook - KIPP Los Angeles

Perhaps it is this Chromebook that aggregates everything that Google has developed so far, and any Google services to be developed in the future will also be consolidated on this Chromebook. You can see that most things can be done by just looking at the services and software that Google has developed so far.

· OS part such as Windows / Mac OS X / Linux

· Chrome OS / Android (core part of this time)

· Internet Explorer / Firefox / Safari / Opera

·Google Chrome(This is the large number of users enough to guarantee the reliability of the core Chrome OS this time and the fact that it has been actually used)

· Mail function such as Outlook / Thunderbird / Becky

·Gmail(Accessible from smartphones, large capacity mail service of about 7.5 GB,Increase capacity up to 16 TB for a feeIt is also possible)

· Japanese input such as MS-IME / ATOK

·Google Japanese Input

· Schedule management function such as Outlook

·Google Calendar

· Office software such as Word / Excel / PowerPoint

·Google Docs

· Manage / edit / share images and photos


· Map / transfer

·Google Maps,Google Earth,Google Transit

· Voice chat / messenger

·Google Chat · Google Talk

In additionList of various services of Google, Everything that Google has provided free of charge and the web services that used it until now, the open mechanisms and standards that Google has supported, and all kinds of applications and services on all kinds of net developed using them In fact, it becomes a weapon of the Chromebook, it becomes an advantage and features, so ultimately it leads to sales, the more the share, the more it leads to the advertising revenue posted in Google search results , Furthermore other services, both hardware and software will become cheaper and you can expect that there is a possibility that a future with the feeling that it feels like ... will be born.

It depends on the user to use whether this comes out well or not.

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