A monocycle that seems to be appearing in GANTZ is actually a running movie

A monocycle with wheels attached so as to surround the driver and engine etc "MonocycleIt is a movie actually running on the road. Popular manga published live-action movies in January this year "GANTZLooking at the state that the ride of the appearance that seems to come out on the road is running on the real road, it feels like a very near future.

The way the monocycle actually travels is as follows.Welcome to Kerry McLean's Machines | Inventor of the McLean Monocycle | Contact Us Today About Customizing Your Toy!

YouTube - Kerry McLean & His Monocycle

A movie starts from picking up a monocycle from a place like a truck bed.

A man who runs over a monocycle and runs away quickly.

Obviously a monocycle runs on the public road and the stupid road. It melts into the landscape considerably, and there is not much sense of incongruity.

When listening to only a light engine sound, ordinary bike seems to be running.

You can see from the front directly, but the driver has to put out the face to confirm the front. It looks kind of obscure.

Kerry McLean, the man who is the creator of the monocycle and the driver.Mr. MatsumotoHat like that suits you well.

It seems that you are taking a balance by throwing your feet to the ground in a scene where you make a sharp curve, such as when you jump out of the parked state to the road.

And while you are driving, you keep your posture by hooking your feet to the step part.

Kerry McLean seems to be making a monocycle from 1971, but this is the first one.

This is the early development model.

McLean himself, Mr. McLean himself, caused an accident in the test run of 2001, has gained a lifetime in the ninth death. Still it is truly a posture to continue development. You can check the state of the accident from the following movie around 2:55 seconds.

YouTube - McLean V - 8 Monocycle (Crash 2:55)

Here is the latest video, the state of the highest speed test conducted in February 2011 is here. By the way, the maximum speed seems to be about 80 miles per hour (128.72 km / h).

YouTube - The 2011 McLean Drag Wheel (High Speed ​​Test Run)

Also, McLean and his son are appearing in a monocycle on the Nokia CM, which is famous as a mobile phone handset maker.

YouTube - Mclean Monocycles in Nokia SatNav commercial (3rd of 3)

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