Sony will ship a large capacity storage module "LIM 1001" that realizes a long life of 10 years or more, rare metal is unnecessary

In response to planned blackouts due to the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred on March 11, users are increasingly purchasing rechargeable batteries for mobile phones that can be used even during a power outage, but Sony's data servers and mobile phones We began shipping a large-capacity storage module "LIM 1001" that can be used for telephone base stations and residential power storage systems.

In addition to longevity of more than 10 years, it also supports rapid charging, and it can customize voltage and capacity according to the application by connecting multiple modules in series or in parallel, and there is no need to use rare metal for materials There are merits.

Details are as below.
Sony Japan | News Releases | Lithium Ion Secondary Battery Using Olivine Type Iron Phosphate Starts Mass Production Shipment of 1.2 kWh Storage Module - Long life of 10 years or more * 1, Load Leveling at Backup Power Supply and Power Peak Support for a wide range of applications ~

According to Sony's press release, the company will mass-produce a new storage module "LIM 1001" and will start shipping from late April. "LIM 1001" is a module with a long life of 10 years or more and rapid charging performance capable of charging 90% in 1 hour when charging / discharging once at a room temperature (23 degrees) at a room temperature, power consumption A large capacity of 1.2 kWh is realized, making it possible to use 1200 W equipment for 1 hour.

This is "LIM 1001". With capacity of 1.2 kWh, nominal voltage of 51.2 V, maximum output of 2.5 kW, standard charging condition is 57.6 V · 24 A and 2.5 hours. The main body size is 432 × 421 × 80 mm, the weight is about 17 kg.

In addition, by connecting multiple modules in parallel multiple poles, it is possible to expand to high voltage and high capacity, so by using control equipment together, it can be applied to data servers, wireless base stations of mobile phones, It can also be used for charging station such as electric car.

The main users are assumed to be a system integrator that assembles power supply systems for apartment houses, offices, schools, etc., and companies that install power supply equipment for business use.

A place where plural "LIM 1001" are combined. By monitoring the state (voltage, current, temperature) of the internal battery of the power storage module and communicating with the external battery management system, it is also possible to safely control the usage status of the internal battery.

In addition, although regular lithium ion rechargeable batteries need to use cobalt of rare metals (rare metals) which is expensive as a positive electrode material, "LIM 1001""Olivine type lithium iron phosphate" rich in material and inexpensiveIs used as a positive electrode material, it is said that environmental load can be reduced compared with lithium ion secondary batteries using rare metals.

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