Eight wondrous spots scattered on Earth, such as the "Hell's Gate" that continues to burn over and the world's smallest state "The Sealand Duchy"

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In China "Great Wall"And Egypt's"The Great Pyramid of Giza", Ruins in Peru also"Machu Picchu"Although the things elected by the definition are different, such as"Seven Wonders of the WorldThere are several spots that are said to be, but there are still many magical places on the earth.

"Lenin statue to be built in the south unreachable pole"Or""Gate of hell" which continues to burn steadily from 40 years ago","The world's smallest self-proclaimed state "the Sealand Duchy""We gathered 8 attractive and mysterious spots that are not well-known, such as:

The eight mysterious spots are from the following.8 More Strange Places on Planet Earth

News? Norwegian-American Scientific Traverse of East Antarctica

1:South unreachable poles

"Unreachable pole" is the point of land most distant from the ocean, or the most sea point far from the land, it is very difficult for humans to reach. The "unreachable pole" of the unreachable pole in Antarctica is one of the places most remote from the ocean on land. The average annual temperature is -58.2 ° C which is extremely cold and there are problems such as the Earth's rotation axis and the ice sheet of the South pole are moving, so the exact position is always controversial but the most accurate point is the south latitude It is 82 degrees 06 minutes, 54 degrees 58 minutes east longitude (There are also opinion that 85 degrees 50 minutes and 65 degrees 47 minutes east longitude).

On the roof of "Unreachable Polar Base" constructed in 1958 by the Antarctic expedition of the Soviet Union at the south unreachable pole is a plastic made in the direction of MoscowVladimir LeninThere is a bust of. The unreachable polar base is completely buried in the ice, but if you managed to dig through it somehow, it seems that a guest list for courageous challenger is waiting.

This is the Lenin image on the roof of the unreachable polar base.

I am standing with a pot in the world where one side is covered with ice and snow.

2:The gate of hell

Republic in southwestern Central AsiaTurkmenistanVillage of"Darvasa". Geologists in the basement near Darvasa in 1971Bowling investigationI happened to find a cave full of natural gas. However, during the investigation, a falling accident occurred and a hole with a diameter of 50 to 100 meters opened and fire was released to prevent the release of toxic gas from there. Gas blows steadily from underground, so for 40 years since the outbreak the hole always continues to burn. This is the origin of becoming called "gate of hell".

3:Principality of Sealand

After the Second World War, some of the maritime fortresses used by the UK were abandoned in the English Channel. In 1967, former British Army Major who had operated a pirate radio radio stationPaddy Roy BatesTakes over one of the maritime fortresses and announces the Declaration of Independence, named this fortress "Sealand" and call himself Roy Betts Duke himself. Immediately the British navy appealed to the court to forcibly withdraw, but the place where Sealand is located is invalid because it is outside the jurisdiction of the UK.

Since then, crisis of the coup d'etat fought a founding founder Roy Bates, was exiled from abroad, while making a strategy of recapture using a helicopter, "Grace (with expiration date)", currency, tourist visa etc. The self-proclaimed nation of the Sealand Democratic People is still in the British Strait. The land area is only 207 m², but free Sealand from law may be an attractive base for operators such as online casino and file sharing software. By the way, the "management right" of Sealand Duchy is sold at 750 million euros (about 90.8 billion yen).

Here is the official site of the Sealand Democratic Republic. ID cards and T - shirts of the Sealand Duchy are sold.

The Principality of Sealand

Four:Bouvet Island

Bouvet Island is an uninhabited volcanic island floating in the Antarctic Ocean, no other islands are present in the surroundings, and the nearest island is 1750 km apart. The island consists of fungi and algaeLichens, Penguins, elephant seals are inhabited, but somehow the Internet domain ".bv" of the island exists.

Also on the island there is a broken unattended weather station, a movie "Alien VS PredatorIt is said that shooting was done on this island.

Five:Bill · TaWeil

Bill · Taweel is an area located in the border area between Egypt and Sudan, neither country claims to claim territorial rights. It has about 10 times the area adjacent to this landHalaive TriangleUnlike Bill · Tawaires, the territories are asserted from both countries.

Wikipediaaccording to

Under international law, there is no basis to treat both disputing areas at the same time as one territory, so the side that does not regard Haryove as territory will have Bill · Taweel as territory, but Bill · Tauir is only 10 minutes of Havelive It is also not considered to be an important land compared to Ha Ribb.

Also, it is difficult for third countries to declare Bill · Tawaiel as their territory because Bill · Tawail can only access through Egypt or Sudan. For this reason, Bill Taweel is becoming one of the rare land on the earth "not being claimed as a territory by any state."

It is said that the area is small and the sand and the land only of rocks are not recognized by the two countries, Billy and Taweel are in a position where they can not get out of third countries, and valuable halide · It seems that it is becoming an alternative which is an alternative to the triangle so that it is becoming "a land not insisted on any claim from any country" which is rare in the world. By the way, Antarctica is located in "Land without claiming territorial rights from any country" other than Bill · Taweel.

Bill Tawiel is here.

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6:The Zilov Gap

Located in RussiaSiberian RailwayIt was completed in 1916, but it was built to avoid the land called "Zilov Gap". "Zilov Gap" is an extraordinarily harsh wilderness spanning 640 km, a place that is the first place where the road began to be made in 2000. Although the road is still under construction as of 2005,Russian hard road situationGiven this, it is quite difficult to actually go through ... ....

7:Mount Thor

Canada'sNunavut Territory"Thor mountain" is not particularly high mountains, but it is the steepest vertical steep slope on the planet and it is a sacred place for rock climbers. The altitude is 1675 m, which is currently the world's highest artifactBurj KhalifaIt is about twice as high as the height (828 m)

The climbing team in the United States in 2006 saw the mountaineering technology "safely descending a steep slope using zile"Suspension descent'S world record was set up at Toll Mountain, but in the same way when the Canadian Park Ranger tried, the equipment got out and it got a tragic result that it falls and dies.

8: Meal mine

Russian FederationRepublic of SakhaCities located in the western partMirnyThe Mir mine located in one of the largest artificial holes in the world. In the vastness of 525 m in depth and 1200 m in width, the air current is flowing towards the hole in the sky, and if there are things like a helicopter flying above the hole, it will be sucked in. Therefore, it is said that the sky above the hole is off limits. As a sister mineUda Chinya · Pipethere is.

This is a meal mine.

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Because none of the spots that are not easy to do is easy, you may try visiting if you get tired of famous sightseeing spots such as World Heritage sites.

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