An Indonesian clinic insisting that cancer will cure with the smoke of "God's cigarette" and spraying sidestream smoke on the patient

BeforeTwo-year-old baby smoker who smokes 40 cigarettes a dayThere has been a clinic in Indonesia which became a topic became popular and treats diseases such as cancer by the sidestream smoke of "God's cigarette".

It is pointed out that passive smoking may cause children's ADHDThere are many examples of toxicity of tobacco's sidestream smoke, etc. Why is it that sidestream smoke is used as a remedy drug?

Details of "God's cigarette" and tobacco circumstances surrounding Indonesia are as follows.Indonesian clinic touts smoking as cancer cure - Yahoo! News

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The clinic in Giya Balur clinic in Indonesia · Jakarta insists that tobacco is openly used as a means to treat cancer and that illness such as cancer and autism can be cured with tobacco.

A woman who speaks the American pretending words suffering from emphysema because she has been taking this clinic and continuing to smoke for several decades says "I missed the cigarette." In countries where there are many information as if the cigarette is a source of all kinds of diseases, such treatment is not acceptable at all.

However, Indonesia is a very important market for the tobacco industry, as tobacco control is strengthened in developed countries and smokers are decreasing. There are customs to smoke cigarettes from time to time, crackdown is not severe, about 7 billion dollars a year (about 589.5 billion yen) of the government's financial resources are covered by tobacco tax, and the tobacco industry is creating a big employment, so Griya Even if there is a clinic like a policy like Balur clinic, I do not seem to receive criticism in particular.

"Treatment" performed on women with pulmonary emphysema who went up to the topic earlier is to blow smoke rising from "God's cigarettes" that removes cancer-causing free radicals by nanotechnology into the patient's lungs using tubes andAspirin (acetylsalicylic acid)It is the contents that cigarette smoke is injected to the ears and nose with the cup containing the right eye hit against the right eye.

Treatment given to a patient different from the woman in the article. A doctor and a wonderful person are spraying cigarette smoke on a patient with a cup-like thing in his or her eyes.

Dr. Gretha Zahar, the founder of the clinic, says that over the past decade 60,000 patients have been treated with this tobacco therapy.

Zahar doctor at Padjadjaran University in Pandjadjaran University in Bandung, Java, discharges mercury outside the body using tobacco smoke, all diseases including cancer are healed, and anti-aging effect is also improved I am convinced that I can expect it. "Mercury causes all diseases," God's cigarette, "which I treat at my clinic, will discharge mercury from the body," Zahar explained.

Profile page published by doctor Zahar on SNS. Surely written about "God's cigarette", she introduces herself as "a woman who is doing scientific research from a spiritual point of view".

DR Gretha Pramutadi Zahar's Page - SuperLife

she isOfficial website of "God's cigarette"On the above "remarks on the west side" already said that they are building a mighty power and can not compete with others. In addition, she said that it is not necessary to conduct clinical experiments on the theory advocated by her, or publish a paper in a magazine and receive no pointed out from the same company, and there is also no funds to fight for trial with the "Western medicine" He said he was speaking.

The tobacco therapy that she advocates is treatment different from the one listed at the beginning. I am covering my body with wet cloth and aluminum foil.

For ordinary clinics, cigarettes can be arranged where syringes and chemicals are placed.

In Japan and the United States, research data proving that tobacco is addictive and harmful to health are presented like mountains, but among Indonesian people aggressive sales of tobacco companies Smoking rate is increasing in a form supported by strategy, and youth smoking is also increasing.

At the Constitutional Court in central Java, farmers and lawmakers of tobacco-conspicuous factions have filed an objection to laws regulating that tobacco leaves are addictive. Professor Aris Widodo of Brawijaya University in the eastern part of Java testifies that "in the court he has never heard of the fact that he died of smoking," in addition to the testimony, "Smoking rather stabilizes the spirit and increases concentration, As an alternative to effective medicines, it is cheap, "he also insisted on the benefits of tobacco.

In Indonesia, there are 20 cigarettes and about 1 dollar (about 84 yen) is a market price. In poor families in Southeast Asian countries, the tobacco fee is a material that puts pressure on households next to food expenses.

According to the World Health Organization, the smoking rate in Indonesia is six times as compared with 40 years ago, and 400,000 people died due to smoking annually, those who die due to secondhand smoke It is said to be 25,000 a year, and it is also the only country in Asia that is not a member of the WHO's Tobacco Control Framework Convention.

It is said that the background of major cigarette companies is rooted in the fact that the sense of crisis of tobacco health damage hardly gets permeated. During the discussion of the regulatory bill against tobacco in 2009, the texts on tobacco addiction were suddenly deleted and became a problem. Budi Sampurno of Ministry of Health staff denied the connection with the tobacco company although the adhesion between the government and the tobacco company was suspected but then the provision on toxicity was only deleted by mistake and it was reported that it was added again . However, "There is almost no mistake that tobacco enterprises handled behind from behind as similar interactions were also carried out during regulatory review in 1992," said Democratic legislative committee Habim Sorimuda Pohan, a tobacco control faction He points out.

It is Indonesia where cigarettes, life, and politics are strongly linked, but in 2010 it is said that the movement to strengthen tobacco control accelerated and the tobacco tax was raised from January 2011.

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It is unlikely that the tobacco treatment advocated by doctor Zahar is going through as it is because indoor climate to smokers is relatively moderate compared to other countries, Can some improvement be seen by going to ......

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