Headline news on 4th April 2011

Capcom today,New game and mysterious teaser siteOpened.

The title of the page is written only as "DD", it is unknown whether it is a sequel of a conventional work or a new title. It is said that the identity will be revealed at the time of 19:00 on April 6, 2011, 150 hours remaining.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

How to break through a chain-locked door with one rubber band - GIGAZINE

A mysterious creature like a bear without hair "Yeti in the Orient" found in China - GIGAZINE

Four key words to find a rookie - GIGAZINE
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I do not know the reason on Twitpic

"Cat's Island" Tashiro Island, cats survived catastrophic damage Working Mono News: Life VIP craftsman blog www

The painful news (No ∀ `): 40s housewife" When I go out with my eldest daughter, the second daughter of my house keeps using the ingredients in my house and I ate it with okonomiyaki and I can not forgive! "- Livedoor blog

A warning letter of "Owner ought to remove it quickly" from the administration on the vehicle swept away by the tsunami

Tokyo's compliment, 1,000 yen or less for one person! Namie Town of Refuse Receiving "Can TEPCO Distribute Directly to Residents"? Nikoniko VIP 2 ch

Lieutenant \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News: The case that Kidding is making a horrible question at Yahoo Chiebukuro - Livedoor blog

Topic on Naoko Kan 's "KIME face" is too cool (with images) | News 2 chan

Have you ever seen such a serious prime minister?

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Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): more than 40% of the total amount of ozone layer "largest destruction ever" in the Arctic Ocean - Science

Microorganisms resistant to radiation | WIRED VISION

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Leisure time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: Planned blackouts discontinue in April! Kita ━━━━ (° ∀ ゜) ━━━━ !! - Livedoor blog

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Do not refrain from cherry blossom Viewing rebuilding support Tohoku sake to Iwate brewery - Society

Nuclear Safety Commissioner of Nuclear Safety Committee, "Do not have knowledge because you do not have knowledge", annual income of 16.5 million yen RIDE THE WAVE 2 ch

However, even though it is full-time, the regular meeting is only once a week. As long as I confirmed the minutes, the meeting took less than 10 minutes at the shortest and it was one and a half hours long. With this, I am drawn to annual salary of about 16.5 million yen (monthly salary 936,000 yen and bonus).

At that time, the reporter ... ... I ran away | World | Latest Articles | Newsweek Japanese Official Site

What is distinctive this time is the number of reporters who "flee the enemy". Many reporters, including Correspondent Correspondent in Tokyo, were afraid of leakage of radiation due to the accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, and escaped not only from the site but also from Tokyo. For example, in the case of a reporter of the world's most famous major economic newspaper who accompanied the US military with the journal reporter and covered the state of support. The day after the party arrived in Sendai, there was an event that he disappeared from the garrison of the accommodation place.

International / India / India, Japan's food full embargo for 3 months / The Wall Street Journal, Japan Online Edition - WSJ.com

India usually imports processed foods, fruits, vegetables, etc from Japan.

About the article of "Weekly Post" April 15th | Japan UNICEF Association | Notice

Although the posted article in the "Weekly Post" has been implementing this emergency donation for domestic as a separate fund separately, the association usually appends it when carrying out emergency fund raising for overseas, , Please understand that we may use it for other emergency / reconstruction assistance currently being carried out if we receive cooperation exceeding the fund necessary for emergency / reconstruction assistance " It was caused by misunderstanding based on it, especially spreading on the Internet.

The reason why we appended it is ultimately unknown.

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant: Shielding the building ... Special sheets with 1,3, 4 units - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)

However, there is a danger that hydrogen will accumulate on the inner side shielded with the membrane material, and explosion will occur again. There is also a view that the concentration of radioactive substances increases inside and it is difficult to work closer to the building instead. At the PT meeting on the 5th, we also cautioned that "it is one of the options, but we should also think there is no way to prevent scattering".

Power restrictions on large companies ... 3 months, 25 to 30% cut: economic news: money · economy: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

When the electricity usage restriction order under Article 27 of the Electricity Business Law is invoked, it will be the first time in 37 years since 1974 of the oil crisis.

【East Japan great earthquake disaster】 gravure magazine how will it become? Which book was immersed in water? 3 publications press conference + (1/2 page) - MSN Sankei News

According to the Japan Magazine Society, 234 journals have been postponed as of the end of March and 16 magazines have been canceled.

A serious structural problem of politics revealed by the earthquake: Nikkei Business Online

Returning to the discussion of the 3rd and 11th shocks at the beginning and the discussion on structural issues, I thought that the practice of bipartisan consensus was formed as a result of this earthquake and I wanted to be a model of future political decision-making. That is "to connect recovery from disasters to the appearance of new Japan". However, it has not been realized so far. If this bipartisan crisis does not realize bipartisan agreement, there will be no bipartisan agreement on any problem. "This serious disaster has caused the serious structural problems of Japan to be clarified again".

Asahi.com (Asahi Newspaper): Manually pump lubrication "I am reviving" GS supporting the Minami Sanriku - Society

When my fuel ran out, I kept fuel for emergency vehicles from the country. However, we can not refuel locals. Eventually I heard a sorrowful voice. "There is no gasoline going to the crematorium that burns my mother," "I can not bring my father to dialysis." Everyone is just a familiar customer. He appealed to the wholesaler of fuel "Do something for me."

On the evening of 19th March, a tank lorry running from Aomori for 17 hours arrived led by a fire brigade car turning a red light, with a rubble full of dark roads, worshiped together and worshiped It is.

Miura recalled the article that he was active in the Great Hanshin Earthquake and got Miura from the manufacturer in Tokyo right after the disaster. In the bad road conditions, "Please use it by all means" and immediately delivered inventory that was in Fukushima. Other vendors also rushed, servicing tanks in seawater, repairing broken vent pipes.

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Fukushima Dai 1, Safety Design and Unlike Second Power Circulation Loss Todoke Pointed out - Society

Another thing to note in this figure is that the concentration represented by color is logarithmic display. Each time the color changes by one step, the density changes by one digit (although it may be half of a single digit), that is, as the color becomes thinner, the density is drastically reduced in the density expressed by that color . Although such a logarithmic display is suitable for viewing places with low concentrations in detail, at the first glance, there is also a problem that it seems that many radioactive substances are diffusing far more than actual There is. Indeed even part of medium color "is very diluted (considerably diluted)

Brake NHK News 9 seconds before Shinkansen shake

Due to the earthquake this time, the Tohoku Shinkansen started a deceleration by applying emergency brakes 9 seconds before the first shaking, 1 minute 10 seconds before the first shake occurs, the system to detect the tremor of the earthquake as soon as possible I understood. JR East is supposing that the Shinkansen has escaped derailment due to this effect, and we are proceeding with detailed analysis of the data.

I want to sprinkle on TEPCO ... I refuse to fish in Hiragata, Tsukiji: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Painful news (No ∀ `): Annual exposure limit, raising from 1 mSv to 20 mSv - Livedoor blog

15: Nameless san @ Namida eyes. (Chiba): 2011/04/05 (Tuesday) 23: 16: 22.01 ID: gK2 / 6VSx0
Whatever it means to raise the standards of the residents anyway

28: Nameless san @ Namida eyes. (Mie prefecture): 2011/04/05 (Tue) 23: 17: 13.76 ID: cinBUyMp 0
>> 15
The country can not compensate

Outdoor water cooling system examination Fukushima nuclear power plants 1 to 3 + (1 / 2page) - MSN Sankei News

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Things that only the person whose house was poor: What's New Watch 2 Channel - NW 2 -

There was no responsible person - Resident Early training materials

Writing ", whatever the word order, the reader will read from the place he thought is important, and increasing the number of characters leads to a large amount of information as it is, but the words do not go that way.

As for the talking word, random attention by the listener can not be expected, the talking side should pay attention to the word order and imagine the interest of the listener. It will be hard to understand if you increase the number of words to speak in detail, and that consideration may possibly increase the discomfort of the listener.

Take the thoughts into shape and use your head when going out. It is not unusual for details to be visible only after it is transliterated, or to notice the lack of concept. Likewise, there are so many things that I notice for the first time by saying words as words or speaking to someone. I think that the place where a concept gains entity is not a head but a hand or a mouth.

The reason for success is "more will" than talent: research result | WIRED VISION

"The difference between good performers and standard adults is not unchanging, that is to say genetically talented, such differences arise from a lifelong occurrence of planned efforts to improve performance"

Buy time for home electronics! - Future Insight

For example, "washing machine with full automatic dryer" is supposed to reduce the time of washing clothes for 20 minutes each time three times a week. Then you can earn 52 hours a year. In addition, if you take time to wash clothes, the effect will be even bigger. On the contrary, if you do not take such a long time, the merit of purchasing a "fully automatic washing machine with dryer" will be small. However, it is the part that I want you to be conscious of when you arrange home appliances by living alone, buying time by home appliances. For example, an electric toothbrush is very attractive if you take a tough time on a toothbrush.

Conversely, like an espresso maker, if you buy it might make life more affluent, but there are also home appliances that can not afford the time especially with money. I think that the feeling that "such high things, students will not change" for such things is very accurate. This is good if you can afford the money.

Hastily killing at the new speed blog You guys are taking a bath properly? It would be nice to have a bath in 40 degrees hot water for about 20 minutes

I graduated from the University of Tokyo. / The fact that society people continue to study their lifelong at university [picture collection narrative] 2011/04/05

The biggest difference with other universities is that "people who want to learn" are bothering to learn. The consciousness is completely different from general universities where there are many people who "have come to have units necessary for graduation". It is not uncommon for scenes where "students" (including grandparents) who are receiving interview classes actively participate in the lesson and the lecturers become tamed by too much momentum. In the case of a lecturer whose first class at the University of the Air is the first time, the impression that it is completely different from the reaction at other universities is often mentioned at the end of the lesson.

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Hallebe 's entry page "Voice of doubt" - Various melts

"SIM unlock adapter" for iPhone 4 is on sale
It is now time for IT and the net: Earthquake, at that time Yahoo! Is prepared for "if", supported by teamwork 2.365 billion PV (1/2) - ITmedia News

Even such a case Yahoo! Updates such as news did not stop because there was risk management. In 2004-05 when the Great Earthquake Occurred Succeeding the Niigataken Chuetsu Earthquake, the Sumatra Offshore Earthquake, the Fukuoka Prefecture Seiyo Oki Earthquake and Succeeding In the event the Tokyo office suffered a disaster, we also set up a base in Osaka so that we can update it It was.

On the 14 th of the week when the week ended, Yahoo! Japan's COO (Chief Operating Officer) called for Yahoo! Had laid the "second emergency system". Approximately 70 engineers, web designers and directors are located in three locations: Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. In order to respond to every need, we made a shift that can be developed from service to service at any time 24 hours a day.

The meeting room of the Tokyo office was transformed into a special room to develop earthquake related services. The person in charge left the usual desk and is still working in the special room. A large screen that keeps the image of NHK always flowing in front. We also prepare blankets and food in the room and make you feel prepared to operate without day and night.

Instructed ... Meteorological Agency finally publishes diffusion prediction: Fukushima nuclear power plant: feature: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

NEWS post seven | Mr. Yoshiko Sakurai Mr. Edano · Prime Minister Kan pointed out that it is not functioning

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): TEPCO to prevent hydrogen explosion to nitrogen gas injection at Unit 1 - Society

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Chairman of the Whole Fisheries Protests against TEPCO "Angry and Resentment" for Polluted Water Release - Society

Hirotsu Hirose, executive director of TEPCO, appealed that "I want all nuclear power plants to stop", etc. He is indignant, "I can not forgive the violence that released artificially contaminated water to the sea." Mr. Hirose explained that it was one of measures to prevent high concentration of contaminated water, but officials concerning the whole fishermen said, "The sea is not a dumping place," angry.

Topics that the pictures of the tsunami photographed in Minami Sanriku Town are too terrible | News 2

Blog :: 941 "Writing a blog" written as advice to junior employees

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【Drawing】 Ken Otsuka who served as "STAR DRIVER" mechatronic director taught me the part responsible for the final story! God of the wagon

IS : Blu-ray first volume leads overall lead - MANTANWEB (MANTAN web)

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Inoki is a rebirth monster at a shelter! - Wrestling News: nikkansports.com

One young man felt a bit of "fighting injection". Endoru Shinta (29) who got an intense slap, said, "With consciousness flying with the dark feelings." I was deeply moved while rubbing the cheek. At the end all people screaming "1, 2, 3, Da!" A smile filled the evacuation center.

Domoto Tsuyoshi's official website is religiously talking about RIDE THE WAVE 2 ch

Ayase Haruka is surprisedly surprised by May'n Horipro First invitation - Sponichi Annex entertainment

Mr. Kim Young-hee executive committee proposal of this project received impact of the lively excitement of May'n (main) singing animation songs belonging to the company. "Horipro will celebrate 51 years this year, but I'm still a beginner about voice actors and Anison, I'm hitting the gate with a rookie's attitude.It is not easy and light feelings that I just need to piggyback on the excitement of the animation world It is said.

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