Guinness record of how much grape can be eaten in 3 minutes will be updated

A pretty niche Guinness Record has been updated, scooping grapes peeled off one by one with a plastic spoon and competing for how many eats you can eat in 3 minutes.

Contrary to the somber appearance that continues to eat grapes, I showed off the job of keeping eating one grain per second, and updated the record that I saw superbly himself.

The brave appearance of a man who challenges Guinness is from the following.Video: Man sets world record for most grapes eaten in three minutes - Denver Art - Show and Tell

Grapes peeled off are contained in a metal bat. Deepak Sharma Bajagain, a challenger who looks at it, is a serious look. This challenge took place in the event "The Work for Children Food Campaign 2011" held at Aurora University in Colorado State.

As soon as the measurement is started, Mr. Bajagain will start eating grapes with enormous momentum.

By the way, who is the woman watching next ... ....

I feel it is short for 3 minutes, but people other than the challenger may just be waiting for it to be finished so it's a handsome thing. It is a feeling that the temperature difference between Bajagain desperate form and a woman next door can not say anything.

End of the measurement, Bajagain ate 180 grains of grapes in 3 minutes and updated the record that it held. It is calculated to eat 1 grain in about 1 second.

Besides that, Bajagain also challenged the Guinness record "how many envelopes can be broken in 30 seconds" and gave a better result than the title holder. If both grape and envelope records are certified, Bajagain will be registered in the six Guinness records.

Bajagain who seems to be collecting Guinness records, but admission fee and sales of goods sold at this event are all donated as children's fee for starving children.

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