Successful removal of radioactive substances such as iodine 131 and cesium from contaminated tap water

Due to radiation accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant due to the Great East Japan Earthquake, some cases such as iodine 131 and cesium were detected from tap water, mineral water became short, etc. However, it was contaminated It became clear that the radioactive substance was successfully removed from tap water.

Details are as below.
Radioactive substance removal capability of ECOA (pure water freshener using reverse osmosis membrane filtration) | Teraoka Seiko news Co., Ltd.

According to Teraoka Seiko's press release developing the "ECOA" series of systems that make pure water using "reverse osmosis membrane filtration", according to the press release of Teraoka Seiko, accidents involving radioactive substances in tap water received safety from users It is said that there was an inquiry of.

Basically, the "ECOA" series is a device to filter pure water by filtering tap water, and empirical evidence for the filtration ability of radioactive materials was not shown, but about 40 km from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station With the cooperation of the located Iidate village office in Fukushima prefecture, we conducted an experiment to filter tap water at the same office including radioactive material with "ECOA".

Product introduction page of "ECOA" series. Various models are developed according to the application.

Reverse osmosis membrane water vending machine pure water purifier ECOA series

In the experiment, "ECOA" was connected to the water pipe at the Iitate Village Office hand washing place at 15:25 on March 26, 16:41, 27th 11: 37 and 11: 40 and filtered with tap water (raw water) and ECOA Collect both water (RO water). And we handle radioactivity analysis etc. of collected waterChemical Laboratories Inc.To Mito laboratories, and measures the presence or absence of radioactive substances at 17: 13, 17: 28, 17: 44, 17: 59 on March 28th.

This is the measurement result. Radioactive iodine 131 was "350 to 600 Bq / kg" where the raw water was significantly higher than the national provisional regulation value (300 Bq / kg), whereas the RO water was "not detected", and the raw water Is 10 to 32 Bq / kg, which is much lower than the provisional regulation value of mouth (200 Bq / kg), and "not detected" from RO water.

About this result, Teraoka Seiko said, "Water pressure and water flow optimally controlled by ECOA effectively extracts the filtration function of the reverse osmosis membrane, and it seems that there was a remarkable effect on the removal of radioactive iodine and radioactive cesium" It shows a view.

Note that ECOA has a structure that drains impurities filtered by the reverse osmosis membrane filtration filter from the membrane concentration side, and the filtered impurities are not accumulated in the filter, and automatically filtered It is said to be equipped with an automatic cleaning function etc. to discharge residence water.

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