History of Internet Explorer from the first generation to IE 9

When Internet Explorer first came out, the founder of "Facebook"Mark · ザ ッ カ ー バ ー グWas only 11 years old, the software market was Microsoft's oligopolistic state. After 16 years since then, MicrosoftInternet Explorer 9Has been released.

During the past 16 years, Google was born, social media such as Facebook, Twitter showed explosive growth, the web world has also experienced major fluctuations, and the browser market has undergone a big change. How has changed Internet Explorer from the first IE to IE 9?

The history of IE has changed with the flow of the times from the following.Gallery: Internet Explorers 1 Through 9 - Alexis Madrigal - Technology - The Atlantic

Internet Explorer (published August 24, 1995)

The first IE was included in "Plus! For Windows 95" published in 1995. At the time of 1995, the background of the web page was still gray as standard, and as a function of IE it was finally to correspond to an easy table element with IE 1.5. At the time, there was not Wikipedia yet, and Google was not there. I was enrolled at Stanford UniversityJerry YangWhenDavid FiloByYahoo!It was in March 1995 that the company was founded.

Internet Explorer 2 (released November 27, 1995)

Other language version including Japanese version is provided,SSL 2.0YaCookieImplementation, loading limited Net News client function also equipped. The square toolbar, the upper right Windows logo makes the era feel.

Internet Explorer 3 (released August 16, 1996)

For the first time as a partial but major browserCSSIt corresponds to 1. A white box is also displayed on the image above. Also supports ActiveX controls and Java applets. The blue "e" mark was started from this version.Internet Mail and NewsYaNetMeetingWe also incorporate functions such as.

Internet Explorer 4 (released September 30, 1997)

Internet Mail and News has been replaced with Outlook Express, the first time as a web browserHTML 4.01Corresponding to CSS 1, fully compatible. The default style of "black character on white background" was also adopted for the first time in this Internet Explorer 4. Yahoo! is emerging in the world of the web, and it is also the time when the Internet began to draw attention in earnest.

Internet Explorer 5 (released March 18, 1999)

Ruby, MHTML etc. corresponded, CSS 2 andDOM Level 1,XMLIt also corresponds partially. There is also a bundle effect with the OS, it is a browser that has established the overwhelming share of IE, but the number of security holes and the delay of correspondence have also been pointed out from this time.

Internet Explorer 6 (released September 19, 2001)

It was a time when Google entered the 21st century and began to emerge with the momentum of sunrise. As IE,DHTMLEnhancement of CSS 2 support, DOM Level 2 andSMIL 2.0The correspondence range is expanded in various aspects, such as partial correspondence to. However, XHTML andIDNWe are not compatible with CSS 2, and the response of CSS 2 is still insufficient, so that delay in response is noticeable.

Internet Explorer 7 (released November 2, 2006)

Come here and IE tooTabbed browsingCorrespond to. Outlook Express bundle is gone. By the way it is also a pioneer of tabbed browsingOperaBefore leading to IE About 6 years, in 2000 it already implemented the tabbed browsing function.Firefox 2.0It was also during this time that the wind was opened in the overwhelming share by a tremendous pursuit by.

Internet Explorer 8 (released March 20, 2009)

Web standards compliance, security enhancement, privacy protection measures, etc. are given, and performance is improved. It became individual software separated from Windows and uninstallation became possible. In September 2008Google ChromeAppeared.

Internet Explorer 9 (Posted on March 15, 2011 postponed due to the earthquake)

HTML5And CSS 3 partly.GPUYaMulticorePerformance has also been improved by making use of, and the user interface has been changed significantly. What kind of footprints will IE keep in the history of web browsers?

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