FBI is recruiting ideas from the public for decryption of the code left by the victim of the murder case

It seems that FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) is seeking help from the general public about the decoding of the ciphers left by the victim in a certain murder case.

Layer 8: FBI wants public help solving encrypted notes from murder mystery

On June 30, 1999, a 41-year-old man called Rickey McCormick was killed in St. Louis, Missouri. McCormick is leaving two memos, which is thought to be a clue to the incident, but both are cryptographically encrypted although they were written alphabets and numbers (like letters), for their decoding There is no code, so it is not possible for anyone to decipher it until now.

McCormick is a high school dropout from his academic background, but the reputation from the surroundings is "a very wise person." According to my family, it seems that cipher memos have been attached since childhood. According to the survey, McCormick wrote the memo at the end three days before his death, no one knows how to decipher the family, and he does not know whether there are people who can read other than McCormick.

The actual memo is here, FBI has released it.

FBI - Gallery

Dan Olsson, chief cryptographic analysis group, said, "In order to analyze cryptography, it is normal practice to solve using cryptographically compatible sentences .... Or, if someone reads new reading Is it a flash of idea? "

For example,Rosetta StoneIsGreek (Koinee)WhenEgyptian Holy Script (Hieroglyph),Egyptian popular character (demotic)The same contents were written with three kinds of letters, and since Koinee was able to read it, it became a trigger for hieroglyphs and demotics to be deciphered.

However, in this case, there is no sample that can be compared with Mr. McCormick's encryption, so it can not be deciphered by FBI and it got overwhelmed and finally got asked for help widely.

The FBI does not prepare rewards for this decipherment, he says, "Only the experience of solving the encryption of an interesting case is given".

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