E-Mobile, extension call extension "Call flat rate campaign" free of call anywhere

E-Mobile makes free domestic calls to landline phones including cell phones, PHS, IP phones "Call flat rate campaignIt started from January 14th this year, but it became clear that the campaign period will be extended.

It seems that it is quite useful to be able to do high-speed packet communication including tethering and flat-rate call with only one.

Details are as below.
According to EMOBILE 's press release, the company announced the "Call Fixed Amount Campaign" scheduled to be executed for a limited time from January 14 (Fri) 2011 to Thur. 31 (Thu) 2011, June 2011 It is said that he decided to extend it until Thursday (Thursday).

"Call flat rate campaign" is a combination of popular mobile router "Pocket WiFi" and smartphone "Pocket WiFi S (S 31 HW)And a compact Android 2.2 smartphoneHTC Aria (S31 HT)"By adding monthly charge of 1820 yen to the basic usage fee of the exclusive charge plan" Smart Plan "" Smart Plan Light ", it can be used for up to 25 months including application month, e-Mobile mobile phone, other company's mobile phone, PHS, Domestic calls to fixed phones (including IP phones) within 10 minutes per time will be free up to 500 times a month.

Call charges look like this. If it exceeds 10 or 500 times per time, 18.9 yen will be charged per 30 seconds against excess.

The e-Mobile campaign site is below.

Price revolution! Packet communication, tethering and calling are fixed for e-mobile and flat rate | e-mobile

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