A grandmother is a coupler, a movie of a Russian fareless scenery that is too spectacular

It is a movie of uncrowded freight-boarding scenery that was fierce and overflowing in Russia where snow piled up and blowing cold wind.

There are too much sight that the grandmother who seems to be returning from shopping is holding on the linkage part of the train while holding the baggage, and so to speak.

Details are as below.
This is the movie. Where the photographer was in the car ......

YouTube - Free ride

There is a red shadow at the back of the tram that runs in front.

Apparently it seems that we are riding a freerate ride in a form that catches on the coupler.

I tried a little closer.

You can see that you are hanging baggage. The photographer said that this person is an old woman.

While taking a picture, the tram started to slow down.

Arrived at the station. Since the movie itself is over here, I do not know if the old woman got off here, but I wonder whether he kept on going as it was.

In the first place it is not unlikely that the unmanned ride itself can be recognized, but considering the tram, no matter how much it will be running at a speed that can cause serious injury when shaken down, this grandmother is safe I just hope that ... ....

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