A movie that broke the atmosphere by changing the effect sound of masterpieces of the NES Family era to modern style

The other day,"Super Mario Bros." which transformed into a completely different game by changing sound effect to modern styleAlthough I talked about the same author, I released a movie that replaced the sound effect of masterpieces of the NES Family era.

In this movie,"Donkey Kong"Ya"Rockman 2","Pacman"And other nostalgic works have turned into a terrible atmosphere game by inserting too realistic sound effects.

The movie which replaced the effect sound of masterpieces of the NES Family era with modern style is from the following.Classic 8-bit Video Games Get An Updated, Realistic Soundtrack | The Creators Project

The movie below is a composer / sound designer active in the American game industryJake KaufmanThis work created by Mr. Kim. It seems that there are things that are unexpectedly fitted, although it is only things that are completely destroyed by aiming.

YouTube - ULTRA NEXTGEN AAA Sound Design

The games and the original sound effects that appear in this movie are explained below.

NESVersion"Tetris"(Released in 1989 Nintendo). Tetris was educational software originally developed by Mr. Alexei Pazitnov of the Soviet Union, but each company acquired copyright to computer games. Sega and Nintendo are also releasing Tetris-like games in Japan. This is Tetris made by Nintendo sold in North America. Sugaru ...... Gashan! It is a mismatch with a sound with a sense of weight and a block moving with chaos.

By the way, the original sound effect of NES version of Tetris can be heard from the movie below. Certainly it is cheap compared to the sound of the above movie, but I feel like I want this sound as light as possible.

YouTube - NES Tetris - 999,999 (Official World Record)

This is"Soul contemplation (contra)"(Released in 1988 Konami). Long-lasting series whose sequel is still being produced for more than 20 years since the launch of the original soul 羅羅. It is a scroll action that makes use of various weapons and it is characterized by its type of scrolling changing vertically, horizontally, and 3D depending on the stage. In the movie the launch sound and explosion sound of the machine gun are real. I am surprised that the voice is unexpected and uncomfortable.

The original sound effect of soul killer comes from the movie below. Although the sound of the machine gun does not feel such extreme difference, after seeing the movie above, the explosive sound "Bomun" burns cheaply.

YouTube - FC ◀ CONTRA / GRYZOR / 魂 羅羅 ▶ Japanese.ver CLEAR 1/2

"Donkey Kong"(Released in 1983 Nintendo)."Super mario bros"Worked onShigeru MiyamotoMr. and I did development such as Game BoyMr. YokoiMr. and others, masterpieces of Nintendo's famous creator whose names are in development. While changing game characteristics greatly, this is also the series that continues to the present. In this movie, Mario's shouting and breathing to wiggle the hammer has been reproduced, and it has transformed into a work with a very tense sense.

The original sound effect can be heard from the movie below. Mario's walking sound, jumping sound, sound when winning a score, etc. are gathered up with light sounds, which is originally a heartwarming work.

YouTube - Donkey Kong

"Rockman 2 Dr. Wiley's Mystery"(Capcom released in 1988). Although it is a rockman series which is also a signboard title of Capcom which is worldwide popularity, this Rockman 2 records the highest number of selling in the series, and is also said to be the best series masterpiece.

The stage of the movie is the Heatman stage, many boys who were traumatized in the sea of ​​fire. Successfully produced an overwhelming feeling of incompatibility due to the sound sound being replaced by heavy metal sound of Rockman's footsteps. It can be said that it is becoming a full voice for the time being.

The original sound effect comes from the movie below. It seems easy to progress, but you can not go crispy unless you remember the timing when the fading scaffold appears.

YouTube - Rockman 2 "Heatman"

"Pacman"(Namco released in 1984). In the United States, a tremendous boom came after animation, beating out sales of related goods that would go beyond Mickey Mouse at the time, established the era that Guinness was certified as "the most successful business game machine" Masterpiece. In the movie, it is finished that feels even fear by introducing mogmog sound and voice.

The original sound effect comes from the movie below. By the way, in this movie, even if you eat big cookies, Obake will not escape, but from the 17th view onwards, even if you eat cookies, Obake will change direction only.

YouTube - Nine sides of Pac-Man key to 300 thousand points

"The Legend of Zelda"(Released in 1986 Nintendo). Initially in JapanDisk systemAlthough it was on sale, since the disc system was not sold overseas,Rom cassetteIt is released. Longevity work whose sequel is still being produced. April Fools 2008Live action movie trailerWe are also receiving strong support in overseas, such as being made public. In this movie, we also have the voice of the hero link and the voice of the grandfather in the cave.

The original sound effect comes from the following movie. After all, in the Legend of Zelda, you can see that BGM plays a big role, such as unique music when items are acquired and impressive music of the field.

YouTube - The Legend of Zelda Part 1

"Arkanoid"(Taito released 1986).Steve JobsIt is said to have been involved in its developmentAtariof"Breakout"It is a work that can also be said to be a developmental system of the work, a work in which elements of various items and enemy characters were introduced into a simple block break. In this movie, the sound effect when destroying the block is turned into a heavy metal sound.

The original sound effect comes from the following movie. The effect sound when the block is destroyed is an electronic sound called "picone". Although it is surely a cheap, it has a unique atmosphere.

YouTube - Challenge! Arkanoid

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