"Do not stop teacher!", A small five girls who donated all the money for 3 years to stop the temporary layoff of the teacher

In order to reduce the budget, I learned that a layoff notice was sent to thousands of teachers, and I asked my teachers who taught me to stop quitting, I spent three years in my pocket money A girl from the fifth grade of elementary school who donated everything appeared.

Unfortunately it was an amount that I could not even secure even one post of faculty staff at all her property, but students and parents who were moved by her sincerity gathered funds and raised $ 20,000 It seems that we were able to gather funds.

Behavior of an inadequate girl who tried to preserve the teacher until he hit all his fortune is from the following.People Are Awesome: Fifth Grader Donates $ 300 Life Savings to Stop Teacher Layoffs - Education - GOOD

According to this article, it seems that a temporary dismissal notification has been delivered to thousands of nationwide teachers to reduce strict budget throughout the United States. Jocelyn Lam, a fifth grader attending a Camino Grove elementary school in California, knows that a notice has been delivered to the Arcadia Unified School District to which the school that she attends belongs to, and thinks he must do something to protect his teacher from dismissal , I took out all the contents from my saving box

Then, I grasped the envelope with a total of 300 dollars (about 24,470 yen) filled with dollar, five dollars, and ten dollar bills packed carefully and handed it to the teacher. The money had been saving pocket money that I got from helping housework and taking good grades for several years, and she also wrote letters to the board of education of the elementary school and the chief executive officer He seems to have put it in.

The content is "I will donate this money to help the teachers who are going to be fired at all, and that this money is enough for one or two teachers to continue working I hope it is ".

Jocelyn Lam donated all pocket money.

The donation was totally based on her voluntary will, so the teachers were very surprised. Of course at 300 dollars, you can not even buy a post for one faculty member. However, her actions that threw out all his wealth driven the people of the area to action. Receiving the content of her ambitious letter, Camino Grove elementary school students and guardians gathered $ 20,000 (about 1.63 million yen) as funds from the entire region as funds to protect faculty from temporary dismissal is.

The crystal of this effort was enough to inform teachers and school staff that they are cheering from the area. Brook Reynolds principal said, "Students are trying to rescue their teachers from a temporary dismissal after they really understand what their teachers have done for us, and I am very proud of this." It was.

By the way, Mr. Lam who moved the hearts of many people seems to be planning to save many teachers from temporary dismissal by helping lots of domestic work more than before.

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