Good news for the eyeglasses, a fog prevention that permanently sustains effects will be developed

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When entering a warm room from a cold place, at that moment when you tried to rinse at Atsuzu ramen, there are many people who experienced eyeglasses felt completely white and feel uncomfortable.

To solve such troubles of glasses enthusiasts, a fog prevention that permanently sustains the effect was developed. Once it is applied, the effect persists permanently, and it seems that it corresponds to various objects such as a windshield of a car and a lens of a camera besides eyeglasses.

Details of the fog prevention which lasts forever is as follows.'First-ever' permanent anti-fog resistance

Located in Quebec, CanadaLaval UniversitySo, the fog prevention which the effect lasts forever was developed. With this, your eyeglasses may cloud and never feel embarrassed.

In addition to eyeglasses, the fog prevention invented this time is said to be effective forever if it hits the surface of transparent glass or plastic such as car windshield and camera lens.

The main component of the anti-fog is polyvinyl alcohol, a compound that disperses water droplets. However, before the main component polyvinyl alcohol, on the surfaceAtmospheric pressure plasmaFour layers of silicon molecules adhere due to the action. These layers join not only to each other but also to alcohol, further enhancing the durability of the coating.

Various anti-fog preventions are already on the market and there are things that sustain the effect, but researchers at Laval university can remove existing products repeatedly, so you have to call back regularly It is pointed out. The university is holding business talks with mainstay glasses makers on fogging prevention, and that company is also interested in acquiring a technology license.

In placing eyeglasses on a daily basis, it will be cloudy with a temperature difference as it is a plain but big neck, so if it is put into practical use, it seems that you can put on your glasses more comfortably.

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