How does it rain in rockets and light trucks in China

In China, attempts are made to artificially rain the rain, under the influence of severe drought damage in agricultural areas.

The method is to drive a rocket loaded on a small truck toward the cloud. Although it seems that it looks as if he is raising his fist angrily in a cloud that will not let rain down, it seems that the effect is actually being raised in China. How does it work?

Details of how China is raining with small trucks and rockets is from below.How China controls the weather with rockets launched from pickups

Some agricultural areas in China are facing the worst drought in the last 60 years. On the other hand, the Chinese governmentCloud seedingWas executed. Cloud seeding is a technique to drive silver iodide particles into clouds and promote the generation of snow crystals that will cause rain in the clouds.

In the mechanism of rain, ice crystals are generated in low temperature clouds, it absorbs surrounding water vapor, becomes a piece of snow, grows as it falls in clouds, melts and becomes rain something like. To that end, it is necessary for the cloud to contain particles that are nuclei of snow crystals, so the structure resembles well in the snow crystalSilver iodideIt is a technique of cloud seeding used by China this time to spray crystallization to promote crystallization.

There are also methods of spraying using an airplane, but in China, adopting a method using a less expensive small truck and rocket.

It is cloud seeding which is not done much in Japan and America, but in China it is active in its use. Approximately 5,800 rockets have been shot in Shandong province alone in the past few months and are part of a campaign to alleviate voices calling for irrigation of groundwater.

As a result, snow and rain fell in late February in many drought areas, and it is supposed to ease the concern about the destruction of the wheat fields that provide food to 1.3 billion people.

The underlying movie is the state of artificial rainfall in China covered in the United States. The place where the rocket is actually launched is filmed. Although it is firing in the area where it is raining, to do cloud seeding, it is necessary to have cloud of a certain scale, and it is not that we can rain immediately after launching the rocket, It seems to be close to the feeling of sowing seeds of rain, as the name of seeding.


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