Self-Defense Forces begin draining water from the ground to Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

Discharging done on March 17, The SDF began to discharge water from the ground to Unit 3 of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

Details are as below.
A state of water discharge by NHK news. The water discharge started from 14 o'clock before and it seems to be done using 7 special fire trucks collected from the whole country.

· Additional information on 2011/03/18 14:17
Today's third water discharge at the moment. Fire truck discharges one at a time and discharges 50 tons of water in total.

· 2011/03/18 14:24 Addendum
Since the fragments of explosive buildings are scattered around Unit 3, water is discharged one at a time.

It is said that the Tokyo Fire Department is considering water discharge for Unit 1.

· 2011/03/18 14:25 Addendum
From the Tokyo Fire Department, 30 fire trucks and special workers who have special equipment will arrive at the site soon.

· 2011/03/18 14:58 Addendum
At around 14:40, the SDF's water discharge work ended. Also, we are considering water discharge by TEPCO staff who borrowed a fire engine from the US military in the future and water discharge by the Tokyo Fire Department.

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