Roppongi Hills decided electricity supply from TEPCO's unique energy plant, what kind of power generation facilities?


In response to concerns about the shortage of electricity supply capacity due to the Tohoku Region Pacific Offshore Earthquake,Roppongi HillsThe power of the power generation equipment owned by the company was decided to be flexible 24 hours a day from March 18th to March 31st.

Transmission power is 4000 kW from 6 o'clock to 20 o'clock, 3 o'clock to 6 o'clock is 3000 kW, and 4000 kW corresponds to about 1100 households in general households.

The secret of what kind of mechanism is creating such enormous electric power is as follows.
Providing Tokyo Electric Power to Roppongi Hills Power Generation Facilities | News Release | Press Room | Mori Building Co., Ltd. - MORI Building

In Roppongi Hills, we supply electricity in the region through its own energy plant (specified electric utility facility). Since this energy plant uses city gas as a fuel, it is extremely stable without being affected by power restriction by electricity It seems that electric power supply is possible.

This is the power generation facility of Roppongi Hills

The power supply facilities owned by Roppongi Hills have a triple backup and are as follows.

1: Generation by city gas
2: Supply from TEPCO
3: Private generation with kerosene

Normally, electricity is generated by city gas (Tokyo Gas), and it is always systematic with TEPCO, and power is continuously supplied even in the event of gas supply stops. Even during power generation by kerosene in the worst case, power supply is secured.

Also, it is said that we have already implemented the following countermeasures, which is quite helpful.

1: Landscape · Decorative lighting is canceled ※ Starting from March 12
2: Shortening business hours of commercial facilities * Started from March 13
※ The following will be done from March 14
3: Common area (Common corridor, Staircase room, Attachment room etc.) Reduction of lighting
4: Air conditioner / fan adjustment
5: Toilet washing machine Hot water stoppage
6: Reduce number of elevator operation
7: Reduction of escalator operation number
8: Stop parking lot air supply fan
9: Turbo refrigerator operation suppression
10: suspension of the water scenery equipment
11: Shop sign lighting stop
12: Further diminution of parking lot lighting
13: Further diminishing and turning off of back yard lighting
14: Request for energy conservation cooperation for each tenant company, resident

The above measures are likely to continue until recovery of power supply capacity.

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