"Do you want to go" to "somewhat"? Vending machine cooling function paused


It became clear that the cooling function of the vending machine is temporarily suspended while power saving is being screamed by the tightening of electricity supply and demand.

NHK News to temporarily stop cooling function of vending machine

According to NHK's report, TEPCO requested households and businesses 15% of electricity savings compared to last summer peak from 1 July, the beverage makers will have the cooling function of the vending machine It seems to stop temporarily.

Among them, Suntory is the most vending machines with more than 180,000, we have decided to stop the cooling function continuously for up to seven hours during the day, and now the person in charge is turning one vending machine one by one and setting it Thing.

Although the temperature of the beverage rises to a certain extent by stopping the cooling of the vending machine, it is said that the taste itself is not greatly changed because it is cooled in the middle of the night, and the person in charge is "changing the time to stop cooling depending on the installation place, etc. I will devise such a way that coldness will remain and I want to prevent inconvenience to customers. "

In the summer electric power shortage forecast, the can · PET beverage vending machines stop cooling operation | The Japan Vending Machine Manufacturers Association

Incidentally, beverage vending machines in Japan all over the country now cool down the product from morning low power demand to 13:00 on weekdays from July to September when the power demand peaks, from 13: 00-16: A model called "eco vendor" equipped with a "peak cut function" that suppresses the power consumption to 7 watts by stopping the cooling function in 3 hours 00.

However, as long as the cooling function stops for up to seven hours as expected, it is anticipated that it will affect a little more, so if you really want a kimberly cold drink, you can purchase at a convenience store, It seems to be nice to carry a drink and carry around.

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