"Cover for bathing" invisible iPad 2 cover "Smart Cover", prediction that Apple will bring more than $ 1 billion in sales

A surprise forecast was announced that "Smart Cover" which Apple announced as cover only for the new type tablet terminal "iPad 2" brings in sales of more than 1 billion dollars (about 78.2 billion yen).

in JapanFrom its shape, the topic of reminding "a lid of a bath"In Twitter"Have there been opportunities for so many Japanese people to talk about simultaneous bath lids in the history of humanity?"Although it is a Smart Cover in the situation where the remark also pops out, what does this accessory produce 1 billion dollars?

Details are as below.The billion dollar Smart Cover | asymco

According to Horace Dediu, an analyst at Asymco, which develops application development and industry analysis advisory services, Smart Cover is expected to bring more than $ 1 billion in sales to Apple this year.

Mr. Dediu estimates that approximately 36 million iPad 2 will be sold in 2011, about 60% of which will be purchased with Smart Cover. Assuming 70% of the sales of Smart Cover is polyurethane and 30% is leather, the average price will be $ 48 per sheet (about 3800 yen), if 21.6 million cards, 60% of 36 million units, are sold , The final sales are 48 dollars × 21.6 million pieces, which is calculated to be 1,036 million dollars (about 82.1 billion yen).

Mr. Dediu estimates that the production cost of the smart cover is about 12 dollars (about 951 yen), and the gross profit is expected to be 777 million dollars (about 61.6 billion yen), " It might be interesting to compare the business of tablets of other companies ", he says about the size of the scale.

This is "Smart Cover". In the frame of the iPad 2, magnets are installed side by side so as to fit the joint part of the Smart Cover, and it is easy to install, and the magnet embedded in the Smart Cover side does not come off the iPad Various ingenuity has been exaggerated, such as becoming.

Also, since it is rounded like a lid of a bath, when using a keyboard, it is also possible to fix with an angle like this.

If you change the direction, it will be useful when you are making hands-free video calls and watching movies.

Although "iPad 2" was released in the US in the US, Apple has not publicly announced its sales yet, but because Smart Cover is a specialized case that can be comfortably used on the iPad 2, Depending on the sale of iPad 2, it may not be impossible for you to sell over $ 1 billion.

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