We had kept warming for about 40 hours I tried eating whether deliciousness was kept really

About Toshiba's rice cooker "RC-18 VGD"Photo review of appearanceMoreover, it is also a cup of this rice cooker10 pair (1 boat) I tried to cook riceThe point remaining last was 'vacuum-insulated 40 hours'.

Two vacuum pumps are installed in the RC - 18 VGD, and there is a mechanism to prevent the oxidation of rice and evaporation of moisture by putting the interior of the kettle in a vacuum state, but how much is that effect Is it thing, this is the only way to actually eat food for 40 hours and eat it.

So, I actually kept rice for 40 hours and then tried it.Vacuum pressure IH heat retainer RC - 18 VGD Product Information: Home Appliances Toshiba Living Doors

Cooking riceApproximately 40 hours have passed since I entered the heat retention. The vacuum heat retention function of RC - 18 VGD works for up to 40 hours. At this point the vacuum lamp is still lit.

And at the moment when it took from 40 hours to 41 hours, the vacuum heat retention function stops. "Gashutsuu ... ..." The vacuum pump opens and the sound that the air enters is heard.

41 hours from the start of cooking of YouTube - RC - 18 VGD, the moment the vacuum lamp runs out

The vacuum lamp turns off, and after that the heat retention in the vacuum state becomes impossible. However, it is possible to keep normal warmth by merely finishing "vacuum heat retention".

It is truly open the lid fearfully while being anxious that it may be dry if it keeps warm for 40 hours.

As I opened it, the rice was still moisture, and although it was slightly discolored due to oxidation, it looked like she could eat enough.

I approached it. I do not feel that it is dry.

I tried over to a cup. Rice cooked two days ago, it was an image that has been tightened or tarnished yellow, but this is apparently different from the rice two days before I met up to now.

When eating it, the mouthfeel texture that is rich in mouth is properly left and you can see that moisture is kept firmly. It is unavoidable that the taste falls in comparison with the cooked dishes, but I could eat regularly even the rice of the day before yesterday instead of rice from yesterday.

Especially remarkable is moisturizing power, it is a word of surprise that there is not a part which has tightened in tick in the pot. Also, it is worrisome to keep the warmth for two days, but you can not feel the unpleasant smell when you eat it, you can taste the level of flavor that you believe will be believed if you are told that you cooked half a day ago did.

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