A stable version of Google Chrome 10 appears, JavaScript and others speed up and security is improved

A stable version of version 10, the latest version of Google's web browser "Google Chrome", has been released.

The behavior of JavaScript has been greatly improved with a new V8 browser engine called Crankshaft, the setting screen has been renewed considerably and the security aspect has been improved, according to Google's claims, the score is 66 by the new V8 browser engine It seems that% will also be up.

Details are as below.
Google Chrome Releases: Chrome Stable Release

Local time On March 8, Google released a stable version of the web browser "Google Chrome" version 10.

According to the release, JavaScript behavior greatly improved by making the browser engine a new version, changed to set the option setting on a special page opened in the tab instead of the dialog box, added malware reporting function and use the old plugin Improve security aspects such as disabling, Adobe FlashsandboxChanges have been made, such as turning into (protected area) operation.

According to Google data, due to version upgrade of the V8 browser engineThe benchmark value is improved by 66%And that. However, it is not equal to the fact that this is actually used and the operation speed increases by 66% so far, so it is necessary to be careful.

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