Men who sexed with a strange woman sleeping, even complained that it is rape, it is not guilty to assert that he mistook herself

A woman attacking with a woman who was staying at a hotel in Surrey, England, suffered seizure, and a man who had sexual intercourse was found innocent as a result of the trial.

The men stayed at the same hotel, they mistakenly penetrated into another room by mistake, and made an act with a woman who was sleeping there. It seems that his girlfriend and his woman have completely different hair and color, but why did such an assertion come about?

The outline of things is from the following.Waiter cleared by rape jury said he thought I was his BRUNETTE girlfriend | Mail Online

A woman who was raped by a stranger when he was sleeping at the hotel's bed he was staying with had a strong doubt that a suspect who claimed to have entered the wrong bed was sentenced not to be innocent about rape It is.

Because Mr. Haydor Khan (22) was drunk, he thought that he was a girlfriend until he reached sexual intercourse with Joanne Freeman and he did not notice that he mistook the hotel room. Freeman (39) who was victimized tried to understand whether he was mistaken with Nicola Wood (19) who is the opponent's man, but Freeman is small and blonde with hair color, Wood was tall, hair color was brunette, and there was age difference, and it seems that there was almost no common point found.

Ms. Haydor Khan and Nicola Wood (19).

Mr. Khan said that he had not noticed his failure at all, until then when he glanced at Freeman 's face in the dark room. According to the statements made at the court, when he noticed the mistake it was not such a feeling of guilt, but it was said to have been such a feeling. "Damn, what did you do, you are doing with a woman like a mother?" Mr. Khan who made such remarks was innocent of release two weeks ago without being accused of rape charges.

Freeman who is also the mother of two children abandoned himself the right to be anonymously reported about this incident and commented, "The face of a man who overwrapped the incident can not be forgotten at all by night." I am addicted that I felt humiliated in this sentence and I felt very embarrassed. "I wish I could erase the memory of that evening from memory, but I can not do anything because I can not understand why I confused it because his girlfriend has nothing in common at all, I have not regretted at all and I show up to my mother and my age of acting with acts of my age to refuse to act, but suddenly I came into the room and was raped while I was asleep, It is I who are uncomfortable with it. "

Mr. Freeman told us in the hard breasts.

Mr. Khan promised to have a bed with a girlfriend the night when the incident occurred, but he told the criminal court of Guildford that she was stopped because her physical condition was undesirable. After that, in the middle of the night he took a shower and in the state of being drunk, he accidentally entered Freeman's room. Mr. Khan also said that Freeman touched it in a way that would make him misunderstand that "Girlfriend" agreed to act according to his agreement.

Freeman says, "When I woke up, he was on top of me, he took off all my clothes, so that the room was so cold that I had to wear clothes firmly and fell asleep, When I noticed what was going on, my body became frozen with tension feeling down, "he told the situation at the time of the incident. Freeman tends to hardly get up asleep once sleeping, seems to have not woken up to Mr. Khan until it took action.

Mr. Khan, who was riding a horse on Freeman, unexpectedly stopped the movement, interrupted the act, left the room without saying anything. After he left, Freeman felt the need to call for help anyway, ran to her husband's bedroom, as if to snatch the clothes. "I woke up and got raped." So understanding the situation again by saying that, Freeman seemed to have been unable to stop tears from overflowing.

By notifying the police, Mr. Khan who had put Freeman 's destroyed mobile in his socks was arrested in the girlfriend' s bedroom. On the question of why I had a cell phone, I took it by accident when I picked up my clothes. During this case, there was no evidence that Mr. Khan used contraceptive devices, and Freeman was also exposed to anxiety of sexually transmitted diseases, but fortunately she was not infected with any disease .

Freeman said, "It was truly unbearable to tell the jury who is a completely different person what happened that night, one of which we beat down our whole family, my father was saddened, my daughter was sorrowful We had to refrain from going out until the trial closed, "adding that he added that he was hit by the painfulness that he wanted to commit suicide on this ruling.

Although in this article many Freeman's claims are posted according to the interview, there is something that Mr. Khan does not quite understand why he / she thinks from the situation any way ....

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