When I drink tea, my concentration skills are improved, my work goes faster and my fatigue is reduced

Whether you drink coffee or drink tea between work is thought to be a matter of opinion splitting, but research results that are good news for the tea party were reported. Drinking tea means that work gets faster and fatigue is reduced.

L-theanine and caffeine contained in black tea increase concentration to work. In addition, tea seems to bring various benefits to health, and a doctor recommends drinking four cups of tea a day.

The results of the experiment and the various effects that tea brings are as follows.Tea has been remarked to give the brain a lift | Mail Online

It seems that the results of the research indicate that the naturally derived ingredients found in black tea have the effect of improving intelligence and improving the speed of movement.

Researchers in the Netherlands announced the discovery that the chemical constituents found in black tea had a positive effect on the mind by experiments conducted with 44 young people as subjects in the journal "the journal Nutritional Neuroscience" Did. A lot of tea, especially green teaL-theanineIn order to investigate the effect of caffeine in the amount of amino acid and one cup of tea, we divided the group giving black tea and the group giving a placebo (placebo) without any effect in practice.

The effect of the active ingredient appeared markedly, and when compared with the place to which placebo was administered, 20 to 70 minutes after drinking tea and various operations were carried out in parallel, the accuracy did not drink tea It was higher than the group. Also, it seems that the quickness of action was also improved by drinking tea.

In addition, the effect that the fatigue of subjects who gave tea was reduced was also seen. Based on the results of the experiments, researchers said, "These results suggest the possibility that the combination of L-theanine and caffeine helps to concentrate on tasks that are troublesome I'm commenting on.

Previously conducted experiments have also reported that milk tea factions that absorption of flavonoids and antioxidants is not hampered even if milk is added to black tea. There are also results that lead to reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer, and Parkinson's disease by drinking tea. Moreover, it is possible that improvement of bone density can be seen by drinking tea periodically. There seem to be various good health effects obtained by drinking tea.

Tim Band, a doctor who belongs to the industry-backed Tea Advisory Panel, said that the latest study proved to enhance the ability to concentrate attention on the tasks it is taking by drinking tea. The band doctor recommends drinking 4 teaspoons a day for health.

Studies targeting black tea have been conducted since this research was conducted in Europe, but green tea that is popular in Japan also contains L-theanine and caffeine,Research results of Itoen Central Research Institute show effects such as relaxation effect and reduction of fatigue due to ingestion of green teaTherefore, similar effects may be expected by incorporating into daily life.

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