Capacity nearly triples, a large capacity battery for "IS03" appears

Although it is KDDI's Sharp smartphone "IS03" which was released extensively along with the tagline of "Android au" last November, it was a drawback that the battery capacity was slightly less compared to a general model.

The capacity of the battery is a very important problem for those who want to use smartphones, but a large capacity model that realizes nearly three times the capacity that can solve such a problem has appeared.

Details are as below.
【Rakuten Ichiba】 It is possible to use smartly with attached cover for the large capacity battery for IS03! Capacity more than twice! MUGEN POWER HLI - IS 03 XL imp [smtb - k] [kb]: agog Rakuten Ichiba store

According to Rakuten Ichiba store of "agog" dealing with smartphone related products, it seems to release "MUGEN POWER HLI - IS 03 XL" as a third party large capacity battery for IS03. The price is 10,121 yen including tax, already sold out from the beginning of March to the middle arrival.

This is "MUGEN POWER HLI - IS 03 XL". It achieves a capacity of 2800 mAh which is nearly three times as much as the standard battery (1020 mAh) of IS03, adopting a method to remove and replace the standard battery, and a dedicated rear back cover attached. Although the thickness of the main body will increase, it seems that you can use Osaifu-Keitai.

Also, winding-type microUSB cable will be given to purchasers who reviewed.

When IS03 declared a preliminary purchase, a campaign was held in which a preliminary battery was given, but considering that it is quite inconvenient to exchange the battery every time, it is time to introduce a large capacity battery It may not be bad either.

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