Jubeat (Ubite) further evolves, if you match on the network you get songs "jubeat copious"

Rhythmically push buttons according to musicBEMANI seriesEvolution of"Jubeat"But, further up the powerAOU 2011 Amusement · ExpoIt was exhibited at Playable.

The latest version scheduled to be in operation in the summer of 2011"Jubeat copious"Then, when you fight in communication play by the nationwide network, the system that the opponent's songs are acquired is introduced. By doing this, beginners can acquire music by proactively playing against advanced players, and the network battle is activated. It is a system with the theme of "conduction" where advanced users spread songs to beginners, but at the venue we were able to actually see the amazing skills of advanced people.

The state of play of "jubeat copious" is from the following.Jubeat series

"Jubeat copious" is lined up in a corner of the Konami booth. It is a kind of strange sight that people are hitting each other for a long time, they are knocking at the panel all the while.

Commentary on music sharing system by matching which is characteristic of jubeat copious. The song seems to be planning more than 200 songs of the jubeat series most.

This is the case of jubeat copious.

Simply put, jubeat is a game that will touch the shiny part of this panel according to the rhythm.

If the rhythm matches, scores will be added to this panel at the top.

First of all, play by ordinary jubeat player. I feel this quickly when I see for the first time, but do not be surprised by this.

YouTube - appearance of actually playing "jubeat" -1

This is a well-trained jubeat player play. It looks like fast forward, but this is the actual speed. An accurate and quick swipe of whether Hokuto Kamiken wears it or not. The digits of the score are different.

YouTube - appearance of actually playing "jubeat" -2

By boldly confronting such a terrible senior citizen, it seems that it will be possible to get songs that are difficult to obtain. By the way matching is not a penalty for losing even if you say battle, rather it is convenient that you can go to the next stage even if you make mistakes if your opponent clears the song. Even for advanced users, matching with beginners can not earn points as they can earn points.

※ I am shooting with permission

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