Deciding to refrain Valentine's Day as "inviting sexual immorality rather than true love"

As soon as February 14th "Valentine's Day" will celebrate, it became clear that the state in the western part of Russia will refrain from celebrating the same day.

By the way Valentine's Day was martyred Italian saint "WalendinusIt is a national holiday and it seems that it is originally irrelevant to customs such as "a woman hands over chocolate as a confession of love to a man" established in Japan unprecedentedly.

Details are as below.
Russian Region Bans Valentine's Day for Promoting Promiscuity - Bloomberg

No love for Valentine's Day there | Reuters

According to reports by Bloomberg and Reuters, Valentine's Day brings sexual immorality to young people rather than love in Belgorod Province in the western part of Russia, not only does it not promote the formation of ethical values, It is said that Grigory Bolotnikov, a spokesperson of the provincial governor, announced that it should refrain from celebrating the Valentine's Day at schools, government agencies and others.

Mr. Bolotnikov said "Valentine's day and Halloween are beginning to show excitement after the collapse of the Soviet Union", "It is no longer a simple epidemic," and this announcement reveals that the Eastern Orthodox Church of Russia gave a seal It is.

Also, it is said that private companies and individuals are free to celebrate Valentine's Day itself, but as many nightclubs are urged not to do special events on February 14, It seems that the influence by small is not always small.

In addition, criticism has been raised by human rights organizations, etc. for such movement affecting education and social life.

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