GONZO New work of the Golden Age work, Large Air Aviation Adventure Activity "Last Exile - Silver Wing Fam -" Production Decision

It was named after the animation bubble period in the early 21st century and speaking about digital animation to this companyGonzo. As its latest work, "2003" was broadcast "LAST EXILE (Last Exile)New work "Last Exile - Silver Wing Fam -"Will be produced (co-produced with Flying Dog).

It will be a new work of popularity which was released in 120 countries worldwide, but what kind of work would it be like ...?

The story of "Last Exile - Silver Wing Fam -" is from the following.
Last Exile - Silver Wing Fam -

"Last Exile" is a TV animation that Gonzo produced in 2003 as a 10th anniversary commemorative work, one of Gonzo's masterpieces. ThatsteampunkThe atmosphere which was felt, such as the air battle and the elaborate CG received high evaluation, it was deployed not only in Japan, but also in over 120 countries worldwide.

The staff who made the previous work gathered again is the new TV animation series "Last Exile - Silver Wing Fam -". The story looks like the following.

"I decided! I steal that battleship!"
Fum cried out with a big fleet decisive battle unfolded in the sky in front of me.
Before the Federation aiming to control the whole world with overwhelming fleet fighting power, the main fleet of the Kingdom of Turan was just about to be destroyed. The princes of Turan without escape were the girls of the sky who got on a small flying boat called Vanship.
"From this you will steal your flagship from this battlefield! Select !! Die in this place or survive with us!"
Battleship battle fight between battleships. While anti-aircraft fire flutters, Fam's Vanship dances the sky.
Continue the invasion What is the purpose of the Federal Ruskinia? And what is the mysterious power "Exile"?
Now, in the sky, the turbulent and disturbing large air adventure active act opens! It is!

Koichi ChiakiUnder the supervision, to character designRuri Murata, Animated character designOhoro Horiuchi, Production DesignMakoto KobayashiThinks, musicHitomi KuroishiAnd the previous work staff gathered together, and Gonzo production "Iron line barrel"I was in charge of the series compositionYoshimura KiyokoAlso participate.

Now that the digital technology has evolved, will the newly born "Last Exile - Silver Wing Fam -" become a masterpiece of the new generation Gonzo?

In the previous work, it is now a top class selling child voice actorHanazawa Kana(Role for Holly Madosein) andEri Kitamura(Tatiana · Wisla role) has made his debut, and maybe the future heroine may look out also in this work.


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