Masked rider and various robots, Han (Otoko) cosplay is so hot

companion,AloneYagroupCosplayers and women were conspicuous cosplay, but do not forget that there were hot men dressed like robots and special effects heroes. There are striking things such as attention to details and perfection degree of determined pose.

The cool male guys' cool looks and cool cosplays are from the following. Classic in classic in special effects hero, "Rider 1 & 2"is.

Is this also a mask rider?

Next is "Masked Rider Stringer". Personally I love stylish and strongly designed design with a beetle as a motif.

"Kamen Rider RyukiThere was also a Kamen rider royal snake appeared in "

"Masked Rider 555"Kamen Rider Kaiser is coming up from.

For some reason I was inactive at garbage disposal "Kamen Rider Kabuto"Masked Rider Kick Hopper & Masked Rider Punch Hopper". There was a crowd of people in this surreal sight.

Although "Masked Rider Punch Hopper" is a simple pose, its coolness is overflowing.

"Kamen Rider KivaFrom Masked Rider Exa's burst mode.

It seems to be hard to make, but "Neon Genesis EVANGELION"Eva first machine is also popular.

Asteroid explorer "HayabusaAlso the appearance of Tsuwamono with motif. A costume full of originality was collecting a glance.

He had a cool and serious air "Human wolf JIN - ROHCorps.

"Apple seedIt's Briareos. In one festival, it is possible to bring long objects (long weapons such as swords), so it is very coolly decided.

"Mobile Suit Gundam"Mobile suits specialized for melee fighting, gangs are on sowing.

There was Dome near, too. Is this neighborhood the territory of the Zeon duty army?

"Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINYFrom Ganner Zaku Wearia, Lunamaria Hawk is a machine exclusively.

"Star WarsEveryone. Both the Jedi and the Empire are gathering together.

I discovered an airman who suddenly gained popularity in recent years. "Rockman SeriesBut it is an impressive boss character.

"Digital Game Machine Virtual SeriesTemujin (2nd generation).

"God of the Gods GoddannerFrom Gordaner Twin Drive mode.

"Monster Hunter Series"Baba kongha, Nana · Tescatri, Furfur, Diablos gathered.

"PredatorIs Mr. O type?

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