Is it dangerous to live in your neighborhood? Range of air pollution around the gas station

When refuelinggasolineAlthough it seems that there are many people who have experienced feeling sick due to the smell of the like, is actually the gas station and its surrounding air contaminated compared with others?

According to research conducted in Spain, the gas station affects the air up to 100 m in radius and is a carcinogenbenzeneIt became clear that the concentration of organic compounds in the air is high as shown in Fig. Perhaps there is something like real estate value falling if you stand in the neighborhood of the house.

Details are as below.Gas stations pollute their immediate surroundings, Spanish study finds

University of MurciaThe chemists ofMurciaAfter measuring atmospheric pollutant concentrations in various parts of the urban area, the representative aromatics (benzene) and hydrocarbons (air) in air pollutants at the three gas stations in the city of Murcia and its surroundingsNormal hexane) To determine the extent to which the gas station affects the concentration of pollutants in the air. Thesis isJournal of Environmental ManagementIt is published in the magazine.

In urban areas where there are no factories in particular, transportation (automobile exhaust gas) becomes the main source of air pollutants and the concentration of pollutants changes according to the traffic volume. At gas stations, fuel volatilizes to raise the pollutant concentration, but in this survey, the concentration of pollutants in the vicinity of the stand is measured starting from the pump immediately and the "add-on" effect by this volatile fuel disappears I examined the distance to.

As a result, it became clear that the range of gasoline stations affecting the air is on average about 50 m in radius and up to the maximum of 100 m in contaminant concentration. This distance depends on various factors such as the number of pumps in the stand, the amount of refueling, the traffic volume, the weather, the surrounding structure (buildings, roads, etc.), but there are many traffic and there is no gas station Also, the more contaminated it is, the less impact the stand will have.

It may be difficult to move existing gasoline stations, but as guidelines for new stand construction and housing construction in the future, the distance between housing and gas station is at least 50 m, especially medical institutions, schools, elderly housing etc. Researchers advise that "distance sensitive facilities" should take a distance of 100 meters.

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