New material for road paving like cement made of plastic bottle, the effect of preventing flooding

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Temple UniversityAssociate Professor Naji Khoury of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering,Polyethylene terephthalate(PET) and soil, "Plastisoil" material was developed. ImpermeablecementTo this material likeCoarse aggregateWhen mixed and heated,concreteOr porousasphaltYou can use it like.

It is expected to be used for paving such as roads and parking lots, to escape rainwater to the underground, to prevent rainwater spillage and floods, and to reduce the amount of PET bottles to be disposed of in landfills.

Details are as below.Cement-like creation could help the environment

Professor Khoury started working on "Plastisoil (registered trademark)" with co-developersUniversity of OklahomaAbout the times. After the transfer to Temple University in 2008, after completing the transfer to the Temple University, it is now inspecting the ability to remove pollutants such as motor oil when passing rainwater, and life cycle assessment (from production to collection and reuse) It is said that we are doing evaluation of influence degree).

"Plastisoil" can also be used for pavement of sidewalks, bicycle roads, motorways and parking lots. Currently it seems to be used as part of the sidewalk outside the faculty of engineering at Temple University.

Developer Naji Khoury Professor.

"Porous Plastisoil" (porous Plastisoil) block of "Plastisoil" mixed with coarse aggregate.

As rainwater quickly permeates, it seems that it will be expected to prevent flooding.

Water will penetrate the ground almost without flowing.

It is expected that 1 ton of "Porpus Plastisoil" can be produced from 30,000 bottles, which is expected to lead to a reduction in the amount of PET bottles to be disposed of in landfills, as well as production energy per weight compared to cement and asphalt It is said that the trial calculation that the production price is lower than the existing material is low. Professor Kjoury is planning to advance research so that plastic bottles other than plastic bottles (polyethylene terephthalate) can also be used as raw materials.

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