CD-R which can mass produce Misaka Mikoto and Misaka sister of "Toaru Kagaku no Railgun"

Many people have seen elaborate paper craft works such as dinosaurs made with paper crafts. However, trying to make a bishoujo figure with a paper craft may be quite unusual.Wonder Festival 2011 [Winter]so"To Aru Kagaku no Railgun"ofMisaka MisakaWhenMisaka sisterI made a piece made of paper. This is"Paper Craft Misaka Mikoto"

Also scoot water version

Misaka sister too

Subtle chest bulging is mysteriously expressed naturally

There is also a pattern that hands juice while blushing cheeks.

Overhead "paper craft VOYAGER" is terrible.

The model is Star TrekVoyager. Compared with the size of the head of the person sitting, I can tell that it is quite a huge paper craft.

"Paper Craft Misaka Mikoto Misaka Sister Mass Production Allowed! CD-R Version 1500 Yen" is the price tag.

I can mass produce Misaka sister with this. Good deal.

At the side of the booth are three volumes including the first issue of "Let's Enjoy Paper Craft".

The original work "Paper Craft Female Warrior" is also quite possible.

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