Transplantation of PS3 software is also possible, Demonstration movie that understands the ability of next generation PSP "NGP" Various

Photo review that we deliveredFollowing on today's "PlayStation Meeting 2011Next generation PSP announced with full of "Next Generation Portable (NGP)There are many demonstration movies that show the power of the movie.

ARM Cortex-A 9 core of quad core (4 cores) in CPU, "SGX 543MP 4 +" in GPU and is NGP which can play high definition game of resolution (960 × 544) which is 4 times of conventional PSP However, in fact, software company companies have ported PS3 titles for NGP on the actual machine.

Each transplant work took only about two weeks, and each company talked about "it is easy to port from PS3 to NGP" with all their mouths, but how much performance is really realized Is it?

It was decided that this will be newly providedDownload version of "Monster Hunter Portable 3rd"I am playing with NGP.

YouTube - Play "Monster Hunter Portable 3rd" with Next Generation PSP "NGP"

Next, it seems that PS 3 version "Lost Planet 2" ported for NGP is playing on real machine. Although there is a part where processing is different from PS3 version, it works without problems. Capcom will be announcing a title for NGP soon.

YouTube - actual machine demonstration ported Capcom's PS3 version "Lost Planet 2" to NGP

And Konami's director Kojima carried out an NGP transplant version "Metal Gear Solid 4" actual machine demonstration. Although it is an actual machine image which brings model data and environment to NGP as it is, although it is 20 fps, although there is some processing loss, it is able to reproduce the data as it is with NGP, so that if it is optimized it can create a picture close to PS 3 It is said that. It is terrible ability.

YouTube - "Metal Gear Solid 4" NGP Ported Actual Machine Demo Movie

And Koei Tecmo conducted a demonstration of the Musou series using the newly equipped touchpad.

YouTube - The Muso series using the touchpad The latest work Play Demo

The demonstration performed by Sega's Norikoshi Nagoshi is to make the latest project for PS3 "Ryu ga Gotoku OF THE END" ported to NGP work on actual machine. It is surprising that we could transplant so far in just 10 days.

YouTube - "Ryu ga Gotoku OF THE END" demonstration movie ported to NGP in about 10 days

The appearance of actual play using the new game scheduled to be released from SCE has also been released.

"Little Deviants (tentative name))", you can make a mountain in the field with the back touch panel and roll Deviants (round orange character) on the screen, you can pinch by using the screen and the back touch panel at the same time, operability Has become more freedom than ever.

YouTube - "Little Deviants (tentative name)" which uses the back touch panel in full use Actual machine play

When you move the NGP body from the viewpoint of the character, you can look around the scenery of the surroundings, you can freely look up the sky and see the tip of the club. It seems that I can play with the feeling that I am standing on the course.

YouTube - Play NGP title "Minna no GOLF NEXT"

In addition, various titles are scheduled to be released, and it was summarized in one promotion movie.

YouTube - SCE titles scheduled to be released at the next generation PSP "NGP"

Indeed it is "NGP" suitable for the phrase "Orthodox Evolution PSP", but I am surprised to realize the quality approaching PS 3. This year we will be carrying out large-scale events of the game industry such as "E3" and "Tokyo Game Show", but what kind of titles will be announced for NGP in the future is a concern.

In addition, NGP announced today, service for Android terminal that will be able to play games beyond the bounds of hardware "PlayStation SuiteIt corresponds also to.

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