Octopus Paul who became famous for the winning team prediction of the World Cup is on a monument

Octopus paul continued to focus on winning team prediction at the 2010 World Cup South Africa Games.

Unfortunately Paul died in October 2010, but in honor of its accomplishment, a monument was made at the aquarium where it was kept.

Details are as below.
Octopus Paul memorial unveiled - Independent on Saturday

A memorial of Paud of Madago that made all the predictions of the eight team's victory teams in the World Cup all the time was made was made in Okhausen's aquarium which was raised. Paul's accomplishment was reported worldwide and it was very famous and it seems that it was decided that it was made because there were a lot of voices from fans saying "something in commemoration."

Paul achieved a great achievement to make all eight of the winning teams of the group, league first game (German fighting card) and the final tournament all together, in 2010 World Cup South Africa Games. When I predicted Germany's victory against the quarter-finals against Germany against Argentina, I bought anger from Argentina supporters and expected Spain's victory in the semi-final against Germany against Spain, in fact Spain Had won the concern from Spain side because of victory.

It was a star of the aquarium after the competition, but I found that I died in October 2010. The life span of Madako is about 3 years at most, so the cause of death is seen as old age.

This monument is a model of Paul and a soccer ball. In addition to the monument, at the aquarium it seems to have established "Paul Corner" that gathers information on Paul and the items that have been given.

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